In the past century, business schools globally have been under constant change. However, today’s rate of innovation is unprecedented. This industry upgrade demands more qualified management and business talents, pushing business schools to rethink how they approach education. XJTLU Entrepreneur College (Taicang) has created a new form of business school following the Syntegrative Education philosophy, the foundation of future business education. Through Syntegrative Education, we combine academic rigour with real-world business practice. We foster an entrepreneurial mind-set to help our students become global elite professionals who will lead new and future industries.

Our students benefit from international faculty, first-class learning facilities, and the dual guidance of academic advisors and industry mentors. They continuously grow and improve themselves, constantly breaking ceilings in their study and life. Our students graduate with intellectual competence, industry insight, and an enquiring mind developed through the successful completion of our entrepreneurial degree programmes.

We are determined to be the innovation pioneer of business schools, not only in China but also globally. We aim to contribute to China’s economic development and global reach.

Professor Junsong Chen

The School of Intelligent Finance and Business

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