Across our campus, academic staff are forging strong and meaningful partnerships with other education institutions, industry professionals and the local community.

We have established partnerships with a number of organisations both in China and abroad, carrying out academic exchanges with numerous research institutes. Our partners are specialised organisations and influential institutions from a variety of fields.

Academic partners

In addition to the special relationships with our parent universities, Xi’an Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool, we work with an ever-expanding network of universities across the world.

This network provides our students with opportunities to study abroad at partner universities including Trinity College Dublin and the University of Groningen.

Degree programmes such as the Global Executive Series in Finance and Strategic Leadership, delivered in collaboration with EADA, one of Europe’s most prestigious business schools, ensure our students are opened to new ways of thinking and develop global networks of contacts.

Our academic staff routinely collaborate with external partners on research and academic exchange working with institutions in China and around the world.

Collaboration with industry

We work with some of China and the world’s largest companies to carry out research projects, and provide student internships, external mentors and graduate employment opportunities.

Our business school’s collaboration with the business community enhances our growing reputation for meaningful engagement that contributes to social change.

Work with us

Contact us if you’re: an industry professional and want research and development support from our academic staff; looking for specialist training to fulfil your company’s needs; after industry advice or an expert to sit on an industry advisory committee; interested in employing our students or providing internships.

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Our role in Suzhou

We have been part of eastern China’s development into one of the world’s economic powerhouses. Our strategic location in the Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District of Suzhou Industrial Park means we have unrivalled business connections and opportunities for industry collaboration.

Home to one-fifth of the Fortune 500 companies as well as over 4,700 foreign enterprises and 18,000 domestic enterprises, SIP is one of the most vibrant centres of business activity worldwide. In 2014, it had a GDP of USD 31.46bn, with foreign direct investment amounting to USD 18.9bn.

The expertise found in SIP stresses high-technology applications, including (among others) aviation and aerospace, biotechnology, nanotechnology, communications and information technologies, energy sources and environmental protection.

Our applied research seeks to enhance SIP’s research infrastructure, while our collaboration with SIP on an ambitious technology and innovation platform will bring leading research talents to the city and act as a showcase for local research potential to the world at large.

The unwavering support we have received from SEID, SIP, the Department of Education in Jiangsu province and the Chinese Ministry of Education has made us who we are today and will ensure our continued development into a truly global research-led university in China.

"We hope XJTLU will use its resources and innovative collaboration networks to recruit leading talent and further contribute to Suzhou Industrial Park.” LI YINONG, VICE DIRECTOR OF SIP ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE