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Brand Resources

Brand resources

Click to download the XJTLU Visual Identity Guidelines, to learn more about the XJTLU brand resources. (XJTLU account required to download the file)



The official visual identity logo of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (“XJTLU”) consists of the combined Chinese and English university names and the XJTLU shield, showcasing the historical origins of the university and integrating the culture and traditions of its two parent universities, Xi’an Jiaotong University and the University of Liverpool. It conveys the vision and mission of this internationalised university.



CMYK: 100, 90, 0, 70                                      CMYK: 27, 80, 0, 0
Pantone: 2766 C                                               Pantone: 252 C
RGB: 0, 0, 66                                                    RGB: 206, 87, 193
HEX: #010544                                                 HEX: #CE57C1


Sub-brand logos

Departments, institutes and other units within the University can have a sub-brand logo for their own communications. The logos shouldn’t contain any other graphic identifiers, other than straightforward typography, and are separated from the XJTLU identifier with a vertical line.

For department-level, school-level, and student organisations that require the creation of additional icons to identify themselves, it is advised to avoid similarity with the university’s name or logo design and it is recommended to use them together with the XJTLU identifier.


Trademark protection

The XJTLU logo, university full name and abbreviations in Chinese and English are registered trademarks of XJTLU and important intangible assets of the university. Without the formal written permission of the university, no individual or organisation has the right to produce, manufacture, sell or promote any products for commercial purposes using the aforementioned registered university trademarks, patents, or copyrighted works. Click HERE to learn more about XJTLU brand and trademark protection guidelines.