Open to those with an undergraduate degree in any discipline, the MSc Management programme offers you broad theoretical and practical knowledge of management.



Managerial knowledge, skills and experience are vital to professionals looking become leaders in their fields, no matter this means promotion within their companies or sectors, or running their own business as an entrepreneur. MSc Management is an innovative programme that combines modern theories and knowledge to prepare students for managerial positions across industries. The programme is oriented towards students of diverse undergraduate backgrounds, and provides students with a wide range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of management that are complementary to their existing experience.

This programme is ideal for those looking to upgrade their undergraduate core skills, take over new responsibilities and respond effectively to the challenges in the modern world of business. IBSS students are able to take advantage of the School’s extensive industry connections with companies in Suzhou and Shanghai for their research and future careers, as well as the School’s own research centres. Given the students’ diverse backgrounds, MSc Management graduates also leave IBSS with their own global network of peers spanning a wide range of sectors.

Why should I study Management at XJTLU?

  • Benefit from XJTLU’s strategic location in Suzhou – home to one of the China’s largest economies and many Fortune 500 companies
  • Get support from IBSS’s career development team who engage with national and multinational employers to identify the potential job opportunities for our students and graduates
  • Tailor your studies to suit your career ambitions with elective modules available in entrepreneurship and innovation, big data and people management
  • Earn a University of Liverpool degree that is recognised by the Chinese Ministry of Education

Knowledge and skills

By the time you graduate from the MSc Management, you will have:

  • gained comprehensive knowledge and experiences around the course topics and cases which closely relate to domestic and international managerial models, including international business, strategic management, financial management, business leadership training, marketing and entrepreneurship;
  • had many opportunities to take advantage of the School’s extensive industry connections and research centres; and
  • accumulated the knowledge and skills required for a global career with the help of a strong international component within this programme.

Dr. Xiao Wang, Double-PhD, University of Groningen and University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Associate Professor in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at International Business School Suzhou (IBSS), Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU); Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)

Xiao Wang

Programme director

Every month, the IBSS business engagement team sends us emails on internship opportunities, industry talks and in-company projects. They also organise employability workshops, career pitch boot camps and mock interviews.

Huan Chen



The university offers a broad range of activities aiming to enrich master students’ theoretical and experiential learning and professional development. Trainings, workshops and seminars, covering varieties of themes and topics, both generic and subject-specific, are often offered at both university and school/department levels. Additionally, IBSS programmes offer discipline- specific supplementary modules which will aid to broaden your knowledge in that specific field and enhance your skills. These would include opportunities to work as a teaching assistant, research assistant, or intern at XJTLU. Depending on the programme, field trips and company visits will be organized, and invited talks will be given by the industrial experts and professionals. All these activities will not only support you in your programme study, but also develop your personal and professional skills and enhance your overall career and employability.

The professors from different intercultural and interdisciplinary roots gave us insight into their experience and taught us to critically reflect.

Juliet Ampa

Alumna, MSc Management, Ghanah


Graduates of this programme go on to hold management positions in industries such as manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, finance, food and beverage, management consulting, executive training and higher education. A number of notable MSc Management alumni have also taken further steps to start and grow their own businesses after completing the course.

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