Linxi Yuan


Dr Linxi Yuan's research focused on Trace Element (eg. Selenium) Biofortification, Interaction between Trace Elements and Rhizopheric Microorganism, and Elemental Speciation Analysis. Till now, he has written two books, published two chapters, and edited two special issues on selenium biofortification. He has published a total of 102 papers, in which 35 articles were cited in SCI database and 28 proceeding papers were cited in EI database. He functioned as secretariat leader to organize 2nd and 3rd International Conferences on Selenium in Environment and Human Health, and gave oral presentations at 4th, 5th and 6th International Conference on Selenium in Environment and Human Health as invited speaker.

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  • Qualifications

    • Ph.D., Environmental Sciences. School of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, 2010
    • Visiting Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa, 2007-2008
    • B.S., Major: Geochemistry. School of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Science and Technology of China, 2005
  • Experience

    • 2019/9-present, Associate Professor in Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
    • 2019/2-2019/8, Vice CEO, Suzhou Setek Co. Ltd.
    • 2012/9-2019/1, Director of R&D Department, Suzhou Setek Co. Ltd.
    • 2010/8-2012/8, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Research Topic: Transportation of POPs by water birds in Yangtsz River areas; China Geoscience University (Wuhan)
  • Research interests

    • (1) Interaction between Trace Elements (Especailly Selenium) and Rhizopheric or Endophytic Microorganism;
    • (2) Elemental Speciation Interaction between Trace Element (Especially Selenium) and Heavy Metals (Especailly Cd)
  • Articles

    • 2020
    • (1) Zedong Long, Jiqian Xiang, Jiaping Song, Yapu Lu, Hongqing Yin, Yunfen Zhu, Xiaodong Liu, Liqiang Qin, Gary Banuelos, Zhangmin Wang, Yu Kang, Linxi Yuan*, Xuebin Yin* (2020) Soil selenium concentration and residential daily dietary intake in a selenosis area: A preliminary study in Yutangba Village, Enshi City, China. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology,
    • (2) Yang, Z., Yuan, L.X., Xie, Z., Wang, J., Li, Z., Tu, L., & Sun, L. (2020). Historical records and contamination assessment of potential toxic elements (PTEs) over the past 100 years in Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard. Environmental Pollution, 266, 115205.
    • (3) Yang, Z., Yang, W., Yuan, L., Wang, Y., & Sun, L. (2020). Evidence for glacial deposits during the Little Ice Age in Ny-Alesund, western Spitsbergen. Journal of Earth System Science, 129(1), 1-11.
    • 2019
    • (1) Ling, C. J., Xu, J. Y., Li, Y. H., Tong, X., Yang, H. H., Yang, J., Yuan L.X., Qin, L. Q. (2019). Lactoferrin promotes bile acid metabolism and reduces hepatic cholesterol deposition by inhibiting the farnesoid X receptor (FXR)-mediated enterohepatic axis. Food & Function, 10(11), 7299-7307.
    • (2) Zezhou Zhang, Linxi Yuan*, Shihua Qi, Xuebin Yin. The threshold effect between the soil bioavailable molar Se:Cd ratio and the accumulation of Cd in corn (Zea mays L.) from natural Se-Cd rich soils. Science of the Total Environment, 2019, 688: 1228-1235.
    • (3) Zhongkang Yang, Jianjun Wang, Linxi Yuan, Wenhan Cheng, Yuhong Wang, Zhouqing Xie*, Liguang Sun*. Total photosynthetic biomass recorded between 9400 to 2200 BP and its link to temperature changes at a high Arctic site near Ny-Alesund, Svalbard. Polar Biology, 2019,
    • (4) Haiqing Zhang, Zhuqing Zhao, Xin Zhang, Wei Zhang, Liqiang Huang, Zezhou Zhang, Linxi Yuan, Xinwei Liu*. Effects of foliar application of selenate and selenite at different growth stages on selenium accumulation and speciation in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). Food Chemistry, 2019, 286: 550-556.
    • 2018
    • (1) Xueying Wang, Libin Wu, Jing Sun, Yangyang Wei, Yongli Zhou, Zixuan Rao, Linxi Yuan, Xiaodong Liu*. Mercury Concentrations and Se:Hg Molar Ratios in Flyingfish (Exocoetus volitans) and Squid (Uroteuthis chinensis). Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 2018,
    • (5) Ying Hu, Shihua Qi*, Linxi Yuan, Hongxia Liu, Xinli Xing. Assessment of organochlorine pesticide contamination in waterbirds from an agricultural region, central China. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 2018, 40: 175-187.
    • (2) Zedong Long, Linxi Yuan, Yuzhu Hou, Gary S. Bañuelos, Yongxian Liu, Liping Pan, Xiaodong Liu, Xuebin Yin*. Spatial variations in soil selenium and residential dietary selenium intake in a selenium-rich county, Shitai, Anhui, China. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, 2018, 50: 111-116
    • (3) Xiaoqi Lu, Zisen He, Zhiqing Lin, Yuanyuan Zhu, Linxi Yuan, Ying Liu, Xuebin Yin*. Effects of Chinese cooking methods on the contents and speciation of selenium in selenium-biofortified cereals and soybeans. Nutrients 2018, 10, 317; doi:10.3390/nu10030317
    • (4) Linxi Yuan#, Ru Zhang#, Xuzhou Ma, Ling Yang, Qing Zheng, Dong Chen, Miao Li, Ting Fan, Yongxian Liu, Liping Pan, Xuebin Yin*. Selenium accumulation, antioxidant enzyme levels and amino acids composition in Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheirsinensis) fed by selenium-biofortified corn. Nutrients 2018, 10, 318; doi:10.3390/nu10030318
    • (6) Ru Zhang, Ting Fan, Miao Li, Linxi Yuan*. Isolation, identification and selenite metabolism of a selenium-tolerant endophyte from Cardamine hupingshanensis. Microbiology China, 2018, 45(2): 314-321. (In Chinese with English Abstract)
    • 2017
    • (1) Linxi Yuan*, Ying Zhang. Characterization on rhizosphere bacterial communities from selenium hyperaccumulator Cardamine hupingshanesis. Current Biotechnology, 2017, 7(5): 395-401. (In Chinese with English Abstract)
    • (2) Zezhou Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhu, Meng Li, Dan Li, Yuzhu Hou, Linxi Yuan*, Xuebin Yin*. Progress on selenium speciation analysis on biological samples. Current Biotechnology, 2017, 7(5): 409-414. (In Chinese with English Abstract)
    • (3) Lijia Ma, Zezhou Zhang, Linxi Yuan*, Xuebin Yin*. Study on physiological characterization of selenium biofortified wheat during germination. Current Biotechnology, 2017, 7(5): 439-444. (In Chinese with English Abstract)
    • (4) Tao Li*, Fayu Sun, Pan Gong, An Wang, Linxi Yuan, Xuebin Yin. Effects of nano-selenium fertilization on selenium concentration of wheat grains and quality-related traits. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer, 2017, 23(2):427-433. (In Chinese with English Abstract)
    • (5) Minming Zhang, Linxi Yuan*, Xuebin Yin*, Liqiang Qin. Review on influence factors of selenium levels in human hairs. Current Biotochnology, 2017, 7(3): 187-192. (In Chinese with English Abstract)
    • 2016
    • (1) Zhilin Wu, Xuebin Yin, Gary S Banuelos, Zhiqing Lin, Ying Liu, Miao Li*, Linxi Yuan*. Indications of Selenium Protection against Cadmium and Lead Toxicity in Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.). Frontiers in Plant Science, 2016, doi: 10.3389/fpls.2016.01875.
    • (2) Jun Jiao, Shufen Han, Wei Zhang, Jia-Ying Xu, Xing Tong, Xue-Bin Yin, Lin-Xi Yuan, Li-Qiang Qin*. Chronic leucine supplementation improves lipid metabolism in C57BL/6J mice fed with a high-fat/cholesterol diet. Food & Nutrition Research, 2016, 60: 31304 -
    • (3) Fenju Qin*, Miaomiao Shi, Hongxia Yuan, Linxi Yuan, Wenhao Lu, Jie Zhang, JianTong, Xuehong Song*. Dietary nano-selenium relieves hypoxia stress and, improves immunity and disease resistance in the Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis). Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 2016, 10.1016/j.fsi.2016.04.131
    • (4) Lijun Yuan, Linxi Yuan*, Xuebin Yin*, Liqiang Qin. Physiological function, deficiency and solutions on selenium: A review. Current Biotechnology, 2016, 6 (6): 396-405. (In Chinese with English Abstract)
  • Proceedings

    • (1) Farooq, M. R., Yin, X. B., Long, Z. D., Yuan, L. X.*, Zhang, Z. Z., & Liu, X. D. (2019, October). Soil selenium distributions in dry arable land in Zhongwei, China. In Selenium Research for Environment and Human Health: Perspectives, Technologies and Advancements: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Selenium in the Environment and Human Health (ICSEHH 2019), October 27-30, 2019, Yangling, Xi'an, China (p. 11). CRC Press.
    • (2) Zang, H. W., Long, Z. D., Yuan, L. X. *, Wang, Z. M., Yin, X. B.*, & Chen, Q. Q. (2019, October). Selenium content in soils and rice from Guangxi, China. In Selenium Research for Environment and Human Health: Perspectives, Technologies and Advancements: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Selenium in the Environment and Human Health (ICSEHH 2019), October 27-30, 2019, Yangling, Xi'an, China (p. 65). CRC Press.
    • (3) Linxi Yuan, Ying Zhang, Ru Zhang. 2017. Characterization on rhyzosphere bacteria from a selenium hyperaccumulator Cardamine hupingshanesis. The 11th International Symposium on Selenium in Biology and Medicine & The 5th International Conference on Selenium in Environment and Human Health Abstract, p 93.
    • (4) Zhihao Qu, Linxi Yuan, Xuebin Yin, Fang Peng. 2016. Wautersiella enshiensis sp. nov. – selenite-reducing bacterium isolated from a selenium-mining area in Enshi, China. In G Banuelos et al. (Eds): Global Advances in Selenium Research from Theory to Application, Proceeding of the 4th International Conference on Selenium in Environment and Human Health, Taylors & Francis Group, London, pp. 121-122.
    • (5) Xinzhao Tong, Lei Luo, Linxi Yuan, Xuebin Yin. 2014. Selenium-resistant microorganisms from rhizosphere of novel selenium hyperaccumulator in Enshi, China. In G. Banuelos et al. (Eds) Selenium in the Environment and Human Health, Proceeding of the 3rd International Conference on Selenium in Environment and Human Health, Taylors & Francis Group, London, pp. 106-107.
    • (6) Linxi Yuan, Xuebin Yin. 2011. Accumulation of selenocystine (SeCys2) in Adenocaulon himalaicum in Enshi, China. In G. Banuelos, ZQ Lin, XB Yin, N Duan (Eds) Selenium: Global Perspectives of Impacts on Human, Animal and the Environment. Proceeding of the 2nd International Conference on Selenium in Environment and Human Health, University of Science and Technology of China Press, Hefei, pp. 101-102.
  • Books, monographs, compilations and manuals

    • (1) Yongxian Liu (Chief Editor), Linxi Yuan, Shuxin Tu, Kunli Luo, Yanyan Wei (Associate Editors). Analysis methods on Selenium. Science Press, Beijing, China. (In Chinese) (Total words: 208,000), 2019.
    • (2) Xuebin Yin, Yongxia Liu (Chief Editors), Linxi Yuan, Chuangyun Wang, Min Sun (Associate Editors). Special Issue for 10th Anniversary of Functional Agriculture. Soil, 2018, volume 6.
    • (3) Linxi Yuan (Chief Editor), Xuebin Yin, Yongxian Liu (Associate Editors). Special Issue for 200th Anniversary of the Discovery of Selenium. Current Biotechnology, 2017, volume 7, No 5.
    • (4) Xuebin Yin & Linxi Yuan (eds.). Phytoremediation and Biofortification: Two Sides of One Coin. 2012, Springer Press, Berlin, Germany, 100,000 words.
  • Chapters, cases, readings and supplements

    • (1) Maria Clemencia Zambrano*, Linxi Yuan, Xuebin Yin, Gary Banuelos. Element Case Study: Selenium. In: A. van der Ent et al. (eds.) Agromining: Farming for Metals, Mineral Resource Reviews, 2017, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-61899-9_14, Springer International Publishing AG.
    • (2) Zhilin Wu, Gary Banuelos, Xuebin Yin, Zhiqing Lin, Norman Terry, Ying Liu, Linxi Yuan*, Miao Li*. Phytoremediation of the metalloid selenium in soil and water. In AA Ansari et al. (Eds) Phytoremediation: Management of Environmental Contaminants, volume 2. 2015, Springer International Publishing Switzerland.
  • Conference presentations

    • (1) Linxi Yuan (Invited Speaker). Rhizospheric Microorganism from Chinese selenium hyperaccumulating plant. 2017/10, The 5th International Conference on Selenium in Environment and Human Health. Stockholm, Sweden.
    • (2) Linxi Yuan (Invited Speaker). Does selenium relate with human health in natural selenium-rich areas? 2019/10, The 6th International Conference on Selenium in Enviornment and Human Health. Yangling, Xi'an, China
  • Grants

    • 2021-2024, Postgraduate Research Scholarship (PGRS) by XJTLU
    • 2021-2024, Research Development Fund (RDF) by XJTLU
    • 2015/1-2017/12, National Natural Science Foundation of China “Role of Rhizosphere Microorganisms in Selenium Hyperaccumulator Cardamine hupingshanesis”, (No: NNSFC31400091), PI
    • 2012/8-2015/8, Provincial Natural Science Foundation of Jiangsu “Study on Selenium-tolerant Microorganisms in Selenium Ore from Enshi, Hubei, China”, (No: KB2012202), PI
  • Professional service activities

    • 2020/1-2024/12, Council member, International Society for Selenium Research, Illinois, USA
    • 2018/1-2019/12, Deputy Secretary General, International Society for Selenium Research
    • 2017/3-, Editorial Board Member, Journal: Current Biotechnology (In Chinese with English Abstract)
  • Teaching activities

    • ENV308-Agriculture, Food and Health
    • ENV207-Soil and the Environment
  • Courses taught

    • ENV308-Agriculture, Food and Health
    • ENV207-Soil and the Environment
  • Professional memberships

    • 2015-present, Life Member of International Society for Selenium Research
    • 2018/11-, Member of Chinese Agriculture Society (No: A012300068M)
  • Awards and honours

    • January 2020, 3rd Class prize for science and technology progresses by China National Light Industry Association, “Key technologies for Se biofortification on staple crops in China”, ranking 3rd
    • February 2020, 3rd Class prize for science and technology progresses in Guangxi, “Innovation and application on Se biofortification strategy in Guangxi”, ranking 4th
    • 2015, “Hundred Person Plan” Innovative Leading Talents in Hefei, Anhui, Approved by Leading Group of Talents Work in Hefei, Anhui;
    • 2013, 2013 “Ph.D. Agglomeration Program” in Jiangsu, Approved by Leading Office of Talents Work in Jiangsu;
    • 2012, Double Hundred Talents Program-Leading Talents in Science and Education in Suzhou, Jiangsu, Approved by Working Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park of the Communist Party of China and Suzhou Industrial Park management Committee;
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