Ying is an epidemiologist working extensively in healthcare research. He has extensive experience in observational and experimental studies, including clinical trials. His research has been focusing on disease surveillance, disease prevention, early diagnosis and intervention, disease management and health economic evaluation. He has a particular interest in use of big real-world database of electronic health records (e.g. the UK national primary care database - Clinical Practice Research Datalink, the UK national hospital records - Hospital Episode Statistics). He has successful experience (as lead applicant) in applying research grants from UK national funding bodies, e.g. the National Institute for Health Research and the Royal College of General Practitioners, for studies using electronic medical database.

He is an applied statistician with a wide range of analytical experience. His work uses a very broad of statistical methods, from basic hypothesis testing, traditional regression analysis to novel technologies for large and complex dataset. He contributes to the writing of scientific presentation, report and paper, sometimes as the leading and corresponding author of a multi-authored publication on medical/scientific journals. To date, he has published around 50 SCI publications, many of which are in the top journals such as BMC medicine, Pain and BJGP. He is a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.

Apart from his profession in epidemiology and biostatistics, he also has a strong background in biomedical sciences. He is familiar with molecular biology, cellular biology, animal model and various lab technologies in biology through previous training; obtained a postgraduate degree in infectious and inflammatory diseases; and understands genetics on the doctoral level.

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他是一名经验丰富的应用医学统计师。精通非常广泛的统计方法,包括传统的经典统计到处理大型复杂数据的先进方法。他也是注册的临床试验统计师。至今为止,他发表了约50篇SCI经同行评审的医学或科学全文论文,其中的很多数发表在其专业领域的国际顶尖期刊,比如,近期发表的有BMC Medicine, Pain, BJGP。另有众多科研成果将于近期发表。

Ying Chen
  • Qualifications

    • BSc, University of Yangzhou, 2002 - 2006
    • MRes, University of Glasgow, 2006 - 2007
    • PhD, University of Keele, 2008 - 2012
  • Experience

    • Research Associate, Department of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine, University of Liverpool, 2012 - 2013
    • Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine, University of Liverpool, 2013 - 2016
    • Research Associate/Fellow, School of Primary, Community and Social Care, University of Keele, 2013 - 2020
    • Honorary Research Fellow, School of Primary, Community and Social Care, University of Keele, 2020 -
    • Honorary Academic Staff, University of Liverpool, 2020 -
    • Associate Professor, Department of Health and Environmental Sciences, XJTLU, 2020 -
  • Research interests

    • Real-Word Medical Research
    • Big Data Analysis - Electronic Health Database
    • Applied Medical Statistics
    • Experimental Study - Clinical Trial
    • Observational Study - Epidemiology
  • Articles

    • A full list of publication can be accessed at
    • Selected Recent Publication - Epidemiology
    • Chen Y, Hayward R, Chew-Graham C, Hubbard R, Croft P, Sims K, Jordan KP. Prognostic value of first-recorded breathlessness for future chronic respiratory and heart disease: a cohort study using a UK national primary care database. BJGP. 2020;70:e264-273. [Corresponding author].
    • Chen Y, Farooq S, Edwards J, Chew-Graham C, Farooq S, Shiers D, Frisher M, Hayward R, Sumathipala A, Jordan KP. Patterns of symptoms before a diagnosis of first episode psychosis: a latent class analysis of UK primary care electronic health records. BMC Medicine. 2019;17:227. [Corresponding author].
    • Bedson J, Chen Y, Ashworth J, Hayward RA, Dunn KM, Jordan KP. Risk of adverse events in patients prescribed long-term opioids: a cohort study in the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink. Eur J Pain. 2019;23:908-922. [Co-first author].
    • Chen Y, Campbell P, Strauss VY, Foster NE, Jordan KP, Dunn KM. Trajectories and predictors of the long-term course of low back pain: cohort study with 5-year follow-up. Pain. 2018;159:252-260 [Corresponding author].
    • Chen Y, Bedson J, Hayward RA, Jordan KP. Trends in prescribing of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in patients with cardiovascular disease: influence of national guidelines in UK primary care. Fam Pract. 2018;35:426-432 [Corresponding author].
    • Wynne-Jones G, Chen Y, Croft P, Peat G, Wilkie R, Jordan K, Petersson IF. Secular trends in work disability and its relationship to musculoskeletal pain and mental health: a time-trend analysis using five cross-sectional surveys (2002-2010) in the general population. Occup Environ Med. 2018;75:877-883 [Co-first author].
    • Bedson J, Chen Y, Hayward RA, Ashworth J, Walters K, Dunn KM, Jordan KP. Trends in long-term opioid prescribing in primary care patients with musculoskeletal conditions: an observational database study. Pain. 2016;157:1525-31. [Study Statistician]
    • Selected Recent Publication - Clinical Trial
    • Bishop A, Chen Y, Protheroe J, Ogollah R, Bailey J, Lewis M, Jordan K, Foster NE. Providing patients with direct access to musculoskeletal physiotherapy: The impact on general practice musculoskeletal workload and resource use. The STEMS-2 study. Physiotherapy 2020. [Trial Statistician].
    • Hill J, Garvin S, Chen Y, Cooper V, Wathall S, Saunders B, Lewis M, Protheroe J, Chudyk A, Dunn K, Hay E, van der Windt D, Mallen C, Foster N. Stratified primary care versus non-stratified care for musculoskeletal pain: main findings from the STarT MSK feasibility and pilot cluster randomized controlled trial. BMC Family Practice 2020. [Trial Statistician].
    • Hill J, Garvin S, Chen Y, Cooper V, Wathall S, Saunders B, Lewis M, Protheroe J, Chudyk A, Birkinshaw H, Dunn KM, Jowett S, Oppong R, Bartlam B, Hay E, van der Windt D, Mallen C, Foster NE. Computer-based stratified primary care for musculoskeletal consultations compared with usual care: study protocol for the STarT MSK cluster randomised controlled trial. JMIR Research Protocols 2020. [Trial Statistician].
  • Grants

    • Identification of patterns of symptoms and comorbidities presented to primary care prior to diagnosis of first episode psychosis: an electronic health record study. 2018-2019, 20,000GBP, funded by Royal College of General Practitioners. [Principle investigator].
    • The diagnostic and prognostic value of breathlessness symptoms in primary care: a cohort study. 2015-2016, 16,130GBP, funded by School for Primary Care Research, National Institute for Health Research. [Principle investigator].
    • Determinants of severity and co-morbidity in rheumatoid arthritis: influence of genetic variation and smoking. 2008-2012, 90,000GBP, funded by the UK government (launched by the Prime Minister). [PhD funding].
    • The impact of musculoskeletal conditions on outcomes of other illnesses: a linked electronic health record study. 2020-2022, 344,531GBP, funded by Oliver Bird Fund, Nuffield Foundation [Co-investigator, study statistician].
    • Cardiovascular prognosis in patients with undiagnosed chest pain: an electronic health record cohort study. 2019-2021, 201,686GBP, funded by British Heart Foundation [Co-investigator, study statistician].
    • The impact of musculoskeletal conditions on outcome of hospital care for acute coronary syndrome and stroke: a linked electronic health record study. 2019-2020, 60,000GBP, funded by School for Primary Care Research, National Institute for Health Research. [Co-investigator, study statistician].
    • A feasibility and pilot trial of the effectiveness of exercise therapy and orthotics in the treatment of plantar heel pain (Treatments of Exercise AnD Orthotics for plaNtar heel pain: The TREADON pilot feasibility trial). 2015-2017, 249,691GBP, funded by National Institute for Health Research. [Co-investigator, trial statistician].
    • Trends in Prescribing of NSAIDs in patients with cardiovascular disease. 2013–2014, institute internal funding. [Co-principle investigator].
    • The Epidemiology, Prognosis and Management of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Primary Care. 2013–2020, PhD project (Claire Burton). [Co-supervisor].
    • Long-Term opioids for musculoskeletal pain in women and associated reproductive dysfunction. 2014–2019, PhD project (Emily Richardson). [Co-supervisor].
  • Professional service activities

    • Journal Review: The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, Clinical Epidemiology, European Journal of Pain, European Journal of Public Health, Public Health, BMJ Open, Plos One, Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, The International Journal of Health Planning and Management, INQUIRY, Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism, Oral Oncology, etc.
    • Admission Liaison Officer – Scholarship, HES, XJTLU.
  • Teaching activities

    • Social Perspectives of Public Health VI: Health in Disasters and Humanitarian Crises (PDH307, XJTLU).
    • Organising the Health of the Public II: The Structures of Public Health (DPH105, XJTLU).
  • Professional memberships

    • Fellow of Royal Statistical Society (membership ID 136081), 2017 -
  • Awards and honours

    • Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Award (UK government), 2008-2012.
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    +86 (0)512
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    Suzhou Industrial Park