Jianlan Zhang


Mr. Jianlan Zhang currently serves as the Head of ILEAD and a Professor at the Academy of Future Education.
Mr. Zhang holds a Master's degree from the University of Maryland and a Ed.D from East China Normal University. He served as a visiting scholar at the School of Education at the University of Maryland in 2017 and joined the Harvard Principal's Center program in 2019.
With 27 years of experience in higher education, secondary school management, international Education, art education, and K-12 education in China.
He used to be the director of the former Higher Education Division and International Exchange and Cooperation Division of Suzhou Education Bureau, the director of the office, and the secretary of the Party committee of the agency. He has successively served as the headmaster of Jiangsu Suzhou High School of Art (Suzhou No. 6 Middle School), the founding principal of Rugao International Academy BFSU, the the Principal of Overseas Chinese Academy Chiway, and the general principal of Suzhou Peking University New Century Shiheng School in Jiangsu Province.
As a researcher, he commits to educational research and development and is keen to do the comparisons with different countries on a special educational issue, such as Aesthetic Education in urban and rural areas, the academic adaptability of university students, and the leadership style between private and public schools.

张剑澜先生为马里兰大学硕士以及华东师范大学教育博士生。 他曾于2017年在美国马里兰大学教育学院做访问学者,于2019年加入哈佛大学校长中心项目。
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