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Moritz Bilagher has worked mainly in international cooperation and development, with a focus on education, since 2003, when he took up a position as Associate Expert (Research and Evaluation) with the United Nations Agency for Palestine refugees in the Near East, first in Amman, Jordan, and then in Beirut, Lebanon.

Since then, he worked primarily with UNESCO, in Nairobi, as Statistical Advisor (2009-2010), Santiago de Chile, as Programme Specialist (2010-2015), Bangkok (2018), in Paris as Principal Evaluation Specialist (2018-2020) and, most recently, as Deputy Director of Education of the UNESCO-UNRWA Department of Education in Amman, Jordan (2020-2022). He has also worked as a Research Manager for the British government agency for Technology and education (BECTA, 2006 - 2009) and was the Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at the World Bank-based Global Partnership for Education, in Washington, DC, in 2016 and 2017.

Moritz holds a Doctorate in Education from King's College London (2018); a Master's in Educational Research Methodology from the University of Oxford (2009); a Master's in Science Dynamics from the University of Amsterdam (1996) and \the equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree from Hogeschool Holland in Civic Education (1995).

His research interests lie in education for, and through, international cooperation and development; education for international peace and understanding; ICT for education; educational assessment; and, most of all, global citizenship education.
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