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Dr. Ruiyao Wang's research area is on medicinal chemistry based on crystal engineering and coordination chemistry, which aims to develop new medicines underpinned by supramolecular chemistry, coordination and/or organometallic chemistry and crystal engineering, such as pharmaceutical polymorphism, pharmaceutical co-crystallization, as well as Pt(IV) complex-based prodrugs. Currently, Dr. Wang's research focuses on the development of 1) novel pharmaceutical cocrystals; 2) novel drug-drug pharmaceutical cocrystals for antitumor drugs; 3) targeted Pt(IV) complex-based prodrugs for antitumor applications; and 4) drug formulation.

Dr. Wang joined XJTLU in December, 2012 as an Associate Professor. Prior to XJTLU, Dr. Wang worked as the X-ray Lab manager and departmental X-ray crytsallographer at the Chemistry Department of Queen's University, Canada (2002-2012), post-doctorial fellow and research associate at the University of Arizona, US and Queen's University (1998-2001). He received his PhD from Peking University in 1997, and MS from Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, CAS. Dr. Wang has published over 150 research papers (, and 3 book chapters. He also owns one US/Canada patent and one China patent.
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