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Dr. Xin Liu received her bachelor degree in Bioinformatics from Tongji University in 2007. She received her PhD degree in bioinformatics and drug design from National University of Singapore in Feb 2013. She joined Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Feb 2019 as a lecturer in bioinformatics.

Her previous research centers around system biology and computer aided drug design. Her systems analysis of cross-talks between signaling pathways promises to facilitate, at the systems level, the understanding of mechanisms of biological processes, diseases and enhanced therapeutic efficacies of multi-targeting drugs and drug combinations. She also developed a machine learning based quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) method which extended the applicability of QSAR methods beyond similarity-based applicability domains (ADs). This QSAR method is capable of searching large chemical libraries for virtual hits, especially novel ones, at comparable yield and substantially improved hit rate and enrichment factor in comparison with an established method. She has published 10 peer-reviewed papers in such top journals in the field of medicinal chemistry as Current Medicinal Chemistry, PNAS and Nucleic Acids Research.

Before joining XJTLU, Dr. Liu worked in industry for 6 years devoting to the exploration of molecular mechanisms of human diseases and biomarker identification by multi-omics methods and data mining.
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