Cheng-Hung Lo


Cheng-Hung is a researcher exploring designed artifacts, experiential media and immersive storytelling. With an interdisciplinary background in psychology, computer science, and design, he investigates how emerging technologies transform human perceptions and engagement. His published works examine topics including VR/AR, AI, design cognition, and human-computer interaction. Cheng-Hung has also created design works exhibited globally. He is passionate about employing a hybrid lens integrating scientific rigor with creative practice to study and pioneer innovative formats for design and narrative experiences.

As a seasoned educator in creative and design technology. He has received several teaching awards in his academic career and led student teams to produce award-winning design works, some of which exhibited in renowned international fairs such as the International Heritage Fair held at the Louvre, Paris.

He has served as the lead guest editor of international journals, programme chair and committee members of international conferences, and paper reviewers of numerous journals. He has directed academic programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Cheng-Hung is a recipient of 2016 Excellent Scientific and Educational Talents by Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District in Suzhou.
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