Tingxi Wang

Research Topic: Leader voice endorsement
Supervisor: Dr. Yue Xu
Co-supervisor: Dr. Jie Li
UoL supervisor: Dr. Yves Guillaume



Mingqing Tian

Contact: Mingqing.Tian18@student.xjtlu.edu.cn
Research topic: Innovation, innovation network, innovation capability, innovation ecosystem
Principal supervisor: Dr. Xiao Wang
Co-supervisor: Dr. Xuanwei Cao
UoL supervisor: Dr. Paul Ellwood



Zhuoran Liu

Research Topic: Legitimacy through openness: seeking and managing legitimacy by open strategy at different stages of internationlisation
Supervisor: Dr. Jie Li, Dr. Yameng Zhang



Jingyi Wang

Research Topic: Strategic Management in Declining Firms
Supervisor: Prof. Robert Willison
Co-supervisors: Dr. Shili Chen
UoL Supervisor: Dr. Angelidou Sofia
External Supervisor: Dr. Tao Bai


Yue Zhou

Research Topic: Why psychological contract breach shapes employee behavior and psychological health? A self-discrepancy perspective
Supervisor: Dr. Da Camara, Nuno, Dr. Chiachi Chang

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