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Prof. Wang was the founding Head of Department of Mechatronics and Robotics. He is an IET Fellow and a senior member of IEEE. He is also a team leader of Talented Jiangsu Innovation and Entrepreneur Programme. He has broad academic working experience in China, England, Wales, and Scotland for more than 20 years. He has extensive research experience in Internet of Things (IoT), wireless mesh networks, indoor positioning, big data analytics, and applications for smart cities. Along with more 30 research projects sponsored from EU, UK EPSRC, Innovate UK, China NSFC, and industry, his research in each area has led to an impactful industrial product. For example, the smart trolley, which has been deployed at more than 10 airports in China, he has developed with industrial partner is the first in the world to provide an IoT solution aiming at providing intelligent airport services for passengers. His collaborative research in acoustic localisation with Zhejiang University has won the first place in Microsoft Indoor Localisation Competition in sound group. He has 220+ publications and filed dozens of patents, including 6 granted patents in the US, Japan, and South Korea, and 18 granted patents in China. His research has been classified as World Leading at the UK's REF assessment. The highest citation number of a single technical paper on Google Scholar is over 600. Overall citation is over 4200.

He is currently leading a university-industry collaborative research centre "XJTLU-uGo Robotics Research Centre" with sponsorship from industry of multi-million yuan to develop robots for passenger services and airport services. To this end, some significant achievements have been made, including a Deep SLAM and Navigation system where accuracy of localization could reach 3 cm in real-world applications and response time for path planning could be reduced to milli-second level from dozen of seconds. Apart from research in robotic SLAM and navigation, his other research interests include intelligent manufacturing and healthcare. In intelligent manufacturing, he is investigating a system dubbed as VisionTwin to integrate industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), edge computing, machine vision, digital twin, and artificial intelligence to promote the intelligence of manufacturing. One application example is condition monitoring of overhead power lines, where a 3-dimensional space could be created on a typical 2-D camera. In healthcare, he has led a team to develop a novel application of diagnosing COVID-19 on smartphones by monitoring users' breathing. In addition, he is investigating technologies for motion and posture detection of users indoors by acoustic analysis on smartphones. He is also working on digitalisation of traditional Chinese Medicine.

He is currently organizing two international conferences, HCCS and CollaborateCom. If you would like to collaborate with me on research or study with me for a PhD degree, feel free to contact me.
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