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Jobs & Careers

Leadership Vacancy

Associate Vice-President for Research and Impact

We are looking for a passionate academic leader for the role of Associate Vice-President for Research and Impact, based in Suzhou, to lead the formulation and implementation of the academic strategy across the University and external industrial and social partners.

Associate Vice-President for Research and Impact
 What XJTLU offers you is not only a job

What XJTLU offers you is not only a job

Joining XJTLU, you will not only be provided with a competitive compensation and benefits, but also live in a truly international community, enjoying meaningful exchanges with our world-renowned professors and young brilliant students. You will become a global citizen with an international mindset and competitive edge; and will be fully immersed in an atmosphere of innovation, committed to the continuous exploration and reshaping of our modern education landscape.

Cultural Diversity

We have staff members from over 60 countries, who are of different ages, academic and cultural backgrounds, which encourages diversity of ideas and cultural exchange.

The Benefits of Joining XJTLU

We cherish our staff and see them as an invaluable asset to our university. We are motivated to attract, recruit, motivate and retain top-quality academics and professionals with exceptional skills and academic backgrounds, because they are an indispensable part of our university’s growth and development.

We offer competitive compensation and benefits plans and sufficient paid leave to allow our staff to spend quality time with their families, while enjoying financial security.

  • Market competitive salary;
  • Housing allowance, flight and relocation reimbursement for eligible staff;
  • Leaves: 47 days within one academic year (public holidays included);
  • Paid sick leave for staff: up to 30 calendar days within one academic year;
  • Paid leaves for staff, including marriage leave, maternity leave, breast-feeding leave, family planning leave, paternity leave, compassionate leave, and family matters leave;
  • In addition to the basic medical insurance, we also provide our staff and their family members with complementary commercial health insurance.

There are many international schools and public schools for you to choose in Suzhou.

  • Suzhou’s public schools (from kindergartens to high schools);
  • Suzhou’s international schools, including Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Affiliated School, Suzhou Singapore International School, Dulwich College Suzhou, Suzhou EtonHouse International School, Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou, and Ulink College of Suzhou Industrial Park. For the information of their recruitment policies and tuition fees, you can contact these schools directly.

Suzhou earns the moniker of “Heaven on Earth” with its historical sites-strewed inner city and rich cultural heritages.

  • XJTLU is located in one of the most competitive global economic development area, the China–Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park, where over 5,000 foreign businesses and top 500 companies have set up their shops to invest in projects and build research centers. The industrial park is a pivotal point within China’s most important and advanced Yangtze River Delta economic zone, which serves XJTLU greatly by offering us a unique window into this area’s socioeconomic dynamics and uninhibited access to greater possibilities of success;
  • Suzhou is only a 20-minute high-speed train ride away from China’s most vibrant economic and financial center, Shanghai; there are over 5,000 foreign business and top 500 companies-invested projects and research centers alone within the Suzhou Industrial Park.

We offer our staff a host of options to fully explore and release their potential and brilliance, including postgraduate education tuition remission, promotion, internal recruitment, research and practical application support, and talent development projects.

  • Each year we provide our staff with unparalleled professional training and professional development funds. We also conduct various events that support our staff’s career development. For example, a program which is accredited by the University of Liverpool, staff who are willing to seek further degree for their own learning and career development with university’s support will enjoy partial tuition remission based on university policy;
  • The university regularly hosts panels on education reform and innovation, forums on children’s development and education, forums on harmonious management and artificial intelligence, as well as learning sessions about bilingual teaching and research.

Unleash your energies and passions in our various sports facilities!

  • The university has golf training court, basketball court, tennis court, gym, multi-purpose training hall, table tennis hall, and other in-door venues. The South Campus has a sports park, where physical education and training, such as soccer, Frisbee, football, baseball and softball, are conducted.
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