Pre-arrival information

Pre-arrival information

Section 1: Visa application document preparation

X-Global will help you apply for the JW202/DQ Form after the payment of your deposit or tuition fee is confirmed. A link will be sent to your application email address to download and verify the electronic document for your visa application.

For more information about JW202/DQ Form, please visit:

Section 2: Accommodation booking and check-in

You must use the link: to book accommodation if you want to live in the apartments arranged by the university. All students are guaranteed accommodation in Parfait International Apartments.

For more information about these options, please visit our website:

You are required to pay the following fees when checking in, so please prepare accordingly.

  • Deposit in cash: 3,000RMB
  • Utilities in cash: 500RMB
  • Bedding in cash: 500RMB (you can purchase a bedding pack at reception when checking in)
  • Rent to be paid with a bankcard or in cash (strongly recommended as your bank card may not work in China) – first rent payment is 3 months for students living in Parfait International Apartments, and 12 months’ rent paid to the university for students living on Taicang Campus


Airport pick-up service and accommodation bookings are combined in the same survey. You are encouraged to book the airport pick-ups and accommodations together at the same time. However, if you only need to book an accommodation with us, please write to XJTLU Global on with following details:

  • Full name
  • Passport number
  • Gender
  • Expected check-in date

Section 3: Student ID Card

The Student ID card is your identification document that you must use on campus for entry to the library, to borrow books, attend examinations, use the Sports Centre, make photocopies, and so on.

If you are undergraduate, exchange, visiting and non-degree students, the Admissions Team or Study Abroad Team will collect your photos for your JW202/DQ Forms application, and the Student Engagement Team will just use those photos to make the student ID cards for you.

If you are master’s degree or PhD students, the Graduate School will make your student ID cards and you will also collect them from the Graduate School directly.

Section 4: Airport pick-up

X-Global will send a member of staff and student volunteers to greet and collect students at Shanghai Hongqiao, and Shanghai Pudong Airports on 20th, 21st, 27th and 28th August 2024. The buses will depart at 12:30 and 19:30 on each day. If all students are collected before the departure time, the buses will leave early, and students don’t have to wait until 12:30 or 19:30.

Meeting points in the airports:

    • Hongqiao Airport: Enquiry Desk (问讯) at the exit of Terminal 1; Meeting Point P6, Terminal 2
    • Pudong Airport: in front of Starbucks Coffee, Terminal 2 Arrivals Hall

Students who arrive in Terminal 1, Pudong Airport, need to get to Terminal 2 with the assistance of student volunteers.

Students who arrive after 19:30 on one of the 4 days listed above or arrive outside the 4 days should arrange their own transport to Suzhou. If a paid private taxi is needed, students should complete the Private Taxi Use Form to provide us with flight details, the number of passengers and the amount of luggage.

Here is the link:

X-Global will send the form to reserve the private taxi and students must pay the driver upon arrival.

Parfait International Apartments at Wencui 文萃人才公寓

Location: No.8 Xuetang Street, Dushu Lake higher education town, SIP Suzhou.

Telephone: +86 (0)512 65930558 / +86 18020285607

Accommodation in XJTLU Entrepreneur College  (Taicang) 太仓学生公寓

Location: No.111 Qingcao Xiang, Taicang Dadao, Taicang Suzhou, Jiangsu

Telephone: +86 (0)512 53995190

Use this link,, to book the airport pick-up service and provide us with all the details we need: flight number, arrival date, time and terminal, number of suitcases, and so on.

We cannot guarantee there are seats for students who fail to book an airport pick-up.

You must arrange your own transportation to Suzhou and the accommodation, if you do not arrive on 20th, 21st, 27th or 28th August 2024.

Section 5: Police registration

You must register your residential accommodation address on the second day following your arrival. After the registration, you will receive an Accommodation Registration Form. X-Global will send volunteers to take you to Xietang Sub-district Puhui Service Centre for accommodation registration.

You need to make a copy of the Accommodation Registration Form and only submit the copy to the reception. Students whose visa is X1 must submit another copy to the Exit and Entry Bureau when applying for a Residence Permit.

If you miss the tour that the volunteers give, you can use following addresses to find the police station or the Expatriate Service Centre.

Xietang Sub-district Puhui Service Centre/斜塘街道普惠工作站

Address in English: Floor 1, SIP South Part Citizen Centre, 39 Jinyuan Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

Address in Chinese: 苏州工业园区金园路39号南部市民中心一楼

Ludu Service Centre/陆渡街道为民服务中心 (students on Taicang Campus)

Address in English: 69 Zhongshi West Road, Ludu Community, Taicang City

Address in Chinese: 太仓市陆渡街道中市西路69号

Section 6: Health check

If you arrive in the airport pick-up window, health checks are organized by X-Global, including pick-ups from student accommodation, free transport between the accommodation and the healthcare centre, and onsite support. Students who want to use this service should follow the following steps:

  • Prepare two photos with white backdrop (same size as the photo on your passport).
  • Don’t eat or drink (other than water) after 8:00pm the evening before the health check.
  • Do not eat any breakfast before finishing the test. You can take some food with you and eat after the blood test.
  • Gather outside your accommodation and board the bus at 7:00am.
  • Line up to collect the health check form, pay the health check fee of approximately 510RMB and then start the health check.
  • Ask the onsite support staff to check whether you have finished all the tests.

Note: you must complete all the tests before departure otherwise you must go back to the healthcare centre to complete the missed test(s) at your own expense.

Section 7: Residence permit application

Your X1 visa is only valid for 30 days after you arrive in China, so you have to apply for a Residence Permit (RP) before your X1 visa expires.

X-Global will offer information sessions to help you complete the application forms and will help you to submit your application documents at the EEB.

Dates and locations of the information sessions will be put on AY2024-25, Semester 1 International Student Induction Schedule.

X-Global will instruct you how to complete the Residence Permit Statement Letter and Residence Permit Application Form.

You will need to bring the following documents to the location:

  • JW202 Form (X-Global will stamp the form so a hard copy is required)
  • Admission Letter (returned by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate after the X1 visa application)
  • Passport, copies of information page, visa page and entry stamp page
  • Accommodation Registration Form (received after accommodation registration)
  • 1 photo with a white backdrop (same size as the photo on your passport)

Health report issued by the Healthcare Center after the health check or report verification.

Volunteers will be placed outside X-Global’s office (CB116E) to help students who don’t have student ID cards to use printers on campus.

RP application document checking and appointment booking

X-Global staff will help you check your RP application documents to make sure there are no mistakes before submitting them to the Exit and Entry Bureau (EEB). After this is finished, a ticket will be provided to tell you when and where you should submit your documents.

RP application documents submission

X-Global will organize transport to the EEB for you to submit your application documents. Onsite support will be provided in case of any problems.

Section 8: Induction programme

Induction week will begin on 2nd September 2024. Attendance at the welcome week induction is mandatory. A detailed programme will be sent to you in due course.

Master’s degree and PhD students only need to attend part of the induction programme organized by X-Global but must attend the whole programme delivered by the Graduate School. We will indicate the X-Global elements you must attend in the induction programme schedule.

Section 9: Insurance

The university will buy basic medical insurance for all international, HK, Macao and Taiwan students regardless of their programme and study duration. X-Global will retrieve the data from e-Bridge to buy the insurance, and students must make sure the following information is accurate in the system:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number if you are an international student
  • Travel document number if you are a HK, Macao or Taiwan student (港澳通行证、台胞证)
  • Mainland Chinese Citizen ID number if you are an overseas Chinese or Chinese exchange/visiting student (大陆居民身份证)

Students are also advised to purchase Social Insurance which then provides additional state subsidized health care for a modest charge. The university will start to upload students’ information into the SIP Provident Fund’s system in November 2024, and students can start to pay in January 2025. The fee is 220 RMB/person. The insurance policy and instructions on how to buy the insurance will be sent to you when the system is open for insurance payments.

Section 10: Online registration and optional module selection

Stage 1 undergraduate students

Students who have been admitted by XJTLU and will start with Stage 1 (also called Year 1) at this university are required to register and select the optional modules after they receive their XJTLU student accounts. Their XJTLU student accounts will be sent to their personal email addresses which they have used for their application.

Stage 1 students should read the 2024-25 Stage 1 Registration Guidance first to familiarize themselves with the registration and optional module selection policy.

Here is the link:

Please note the deadline for the first round of module selection is 15th August 2024, and they also need to pay attention to following:

  1. To ensure the fairness of module selection, students submit their module selection preferences first on the Timetable Plus platform. After the deadline, for modules where the selection numbers exceed the available seats, the ‘Random Lottery’ feature will be introduced to decide the name lists. Please go back to the Timetable Plus platform to check your module selection results on 16th August and participate in an additional (supplementary) round of module selection if required. Please note that as the generation of your XJTLU AD account may take 2-3 working days, if you find that you are unable to access the Timetable Plus platform, please try again later or the following days.
  2. An additional (supplementary) round of module selection will take place for students who are allocated into advanced English modules.
  3. Random modules will be allocated to stage 1 students if they select the modules too late or miss the deadline, and these modules might not be their preferred choices or the ones that they believe they can get the best grades in.
  4. If you plan to try and change your major at the end of Stage 1, you may be required to study prerequisite modules in order to qualify (see below). Choose your optional module accordingly.
  5. Students who have not taken any Mathematics at senior high school level are not advised not to choose mathematics or physics modules if their programme doesn’t require them.

If stage 1 students discover that the only modules available when they make their selection are mathematics or physics, and they are not enrolled on a STEM major, please contact X-Global at

Students can also refer to the 2023-24 Programme Choice and Transfer Policy for requirements regarding programme transfer/change. An updated version will be posted by Registry on e-Bridge in due course.

To find the latest policy: log into e-Bridge > Quick Reference > Policies & Regulations > Programme Choice and Transfer Policy.

If you have any questions regarding module selection, please consult the Timetables Team at


Students above Stage 1

Students who have been admitted by XJTLU and will just start with Stage 2 or 3 are also required to use their XJTLU student accounts to register on e-Bridge.

Before registration, they are strongly advised to read the 2024-25 Annual Registration Guide for Returning Students.

Here is the link:

The information in this section does not apply to visiting, exchange, non-degree Chinese language, or PhD students.

Section 11: Onsite registration

All undergraduate students have to submit their admission documents to the Admissions Team for verification purposes in the CB108E meeting room. Students have to register when they submit their passports for health check registration and to collect their student ID cards.

Master’s degree and PhD students need to follow the arrangements of the Graduate School in order to register.

Section 12: International student welcome guide 2023- 2024

Informative and detailed guides have been produced for new international students who start their programmes either in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP campus) or Taicang (XEC campus). You are strongly advised to read the guide carefully in order to know what you need to do before departure and after your arrival. For example, vaccinations, registration, travel advice, and so on.

Here are the links:

SIP Campus:

XEC Campus: