Mia Tedjosaputro


Mia Tedjosaputro is an Assistant Professor at XJTLU, she is an Indonesian architect with professional experience in Indonesia and Singapore prior to pursuing her further degree in the UK. She obtained her PhD from the University of Nottingham UK in 2018. Her main research focuses are the study of design behaviour, augmented reality and bamboo architecture.

She joined XJTLU ARC in April 2022 and currently is the Digital Design and Fabrication lab (DDF LAB) coordinator. Along with her professional practice, she founded Architects Without Borders (AWB), a work-in-progress platform for social missions through architecture practices.

She is also a reviewer in DIMENSI, an international peer-reviewed journal, ISBN: 2338 7858; and The Design Journal, Print ISSN: 1460-6925 Online ISSN: 1756-3062.

Her personal website is www.miatedjosaputro.com

A recent Xinhua News short video coverage: https://english.news.cn/20221120/0153ec67502e45b481f296a32253d27d/c.html
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