Dragan Pavlicevic


I am Associate Professor at the Department of China Studies, currently teaching two undergraduate modules, on China's foreign relations and China's relations with Asia respectively.

My research interests span both China's domestic and international politics. I am particularly interested in China-Europe relations, the politics of China's infrastructure projects abroad ( especially high-speed railways), China's multilateral initiatives, China's overseas industrial parks and development zones, and issues related to local-level and participatory governance in China. My research has appeared in various academic and think tank publications (see below), and has been quoted and referenced in various media and policy documents.

  • Qualifications

    • PhD, Contemporary Chinese Studies, University of Nottingham, UK (2014)
    • MA, Contemporary China Studies, People's University of China, China (2010)
    • BA, Chinese Language and Literature, University of Belgrade, Serbia ( 2003)
  • Research interests

    • China and Multilateralism
    • China-Europe Relations
    • Politics of China's Overseas Infrastructure Projects
    • China's Foreign Policy
    • Governance and Public Participation in China
  • Articles

    • Journal Special Issues:
    • Dragan Pavlićević, Anastas Vangeli ( Guest Editors) (2019). New Perspectives on China-CEE Relations, Asia Europe Journal, Volume 17, Issue 4
    • Dragan Pavlićević, Zhengxu Wang ( Issue Editors) (2019). Implications of China’s Evolving Foreign Policy in the New Era. Chinese Political Science Review, Volume 4, Issue 3
    • Dragan Pavlićević (Guest Editor) (2018). Central and Eastern Europe as a New Frontier of China’s Multilateral Diplomacy, Journal of Contemporary China, Volume 27, Issue 113
    • Journal Articles:
    • Anastas Vangeli and Dragan Pavlićević (2019). Introduction: New perspectives on China – Central and Eastern Europe relations, Asia Europe Journal, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp. 361-368
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2019). Structural Power and the China-EU-Western Balkans Triangular Relations, Asia Europe Journal, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp. 453-468
    • Lilei Song and Dragan Pavlićević (2019). China' Multilayered Multilateralism. A Case Study of China and Central and Eastern Europe Cooperation Framework. Chinese Political Science Review, Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 277–302
    • Agatha Kratz and Dragan Pavlićević (2019). Norm-making, norm-taking or norm-shifting? A case study of Sino–Japanese competition in the Jakarta–Bandung high-speed rail project. Third World Quarterly, Volume 40, Issue 6, pp. 1107-1126
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2018). ‘China Threat’ and ‘China Opportunity’: Politics of Dreams and Fears in China-Central and Eastern European Relations. Journal of Contemporary China, Volume 27, Issue 113, pp. 678-702
    • Dragan Pavlićević and Agatha Kratz (2018). Testing the China Threat Paradigm: China's High-speed Railway Diplomacy in Southeast Asia. The Pacific Review, Volume 31, Issue 2, pp. 151-168
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    • Zhengxu Wang, Long Sun, Liuqing Xu, and Dragan Pavlićević (2013). Leadership in China’s Urban Middle Class Protests: The Movement to Protect Homeowners’ Rights in Beijing. The China Quarterly, Volume 214, pp. 411-431
  • Proceedings

    • Analyses and Commentaries:
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2018) Whose Agenda, Whose Influence? The EU and China in the Western Bakans (In Italian - Unione Europea e Cina nei Balcani occidentali: quali agende politiche e quali vettori di influenza?), OrrizonteCina, Vol 9, No 3 , pp.21-24
    • Agatha Kratz and Dragan Pavlićević (2017) Chinese High-Speed Rail in Southeast Asia: Fast-tracking China’s regional rise?, Center for Strategic and International Studies, September 2017
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2017). Bałkany [Balkan states], w: Chiński projekt ,,Nowego Jedwabnego Szlaku. Retoryka a Rzeczywistość [The Chinese project of the 'New Silk Road. Rhetorics and Reality], Krzysztof Iwanek, Oskar Pietrewicz [eds], Ośrodek Badań Azji Centrum Badań nad Bezpieczeństwem Akademii Sztuki Wojennej [Asia Research Centre, Centre for Security Studies, War Studies University], Warszawa [Warsaw] 2017, s. [pp.] 137-146.
    • Agatha Kratz and Dragan Pavlićević ( 2017). The Game of High speed Rail Diplomacy, ASEANFocus, ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute, Issue 4/ ( July – August) 2017, pp.8-9
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2017). Synergies and China CEEC Cooperation, In Huang Ping and liu Zuokui (eds.), ‘China-CEEC People-to-People Exchange: Past, Present and Future, China Social Sciences Press, July 2017
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2017). China docks at southern Europe’s ports, China Analysis, European Council on Foreign Relations, June 2017
    • Dragan Pavlićević ( 2017). Ideas for new economic policies, SEE Views, Centre for International Relations and Sustainable development, April 2017
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2016). The Key Stakeholders In Serbia’s Relationship with China: Beyond China-Centric Explanations, in Stakeholders in China-CEEC Cooperation (Eds. Huang Ping and Liu Zuokui), China Social Sciences Press, December 2016
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2016). The Geo-economics of Sino-Serbian relations: A View from China – China Analysis, European Council on Foreign Relations, December 2016
    • Dragan Pavlićević and Agatha Kratz (2016). High-Speed Railways and Sino-Japanese Rivalry in Southeast Asia (2016). East Asian Institute, Background Brief Series, November 2016
    • Agatha Kratz and Dragan Pavlićević (2016). Belgrade to Budapest Via Beijing: A Case Study of Chinese Investment in Europe, European Council on Foreign relations, November 2016
  • Books, monographs, compilations and manuals

    • Zhengxu Wang and Dragan Pavlićević (2020). Social Relations and Political Development in China. Change and Continuity in the “New Era". Routledge
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2020) Public Participation and State Building: Case Studies from Zhejiang. Routledge
  • Chapters, cases, readings and supplements

    • Zhengxu Wang and Dragan Pavlićević (2020). Party Chiefs, Formal and Informal Rules and Institutions, in The Chinese Communist Party in Action. Consolidating Party Rule (eds.L.P. Gore and Yongnian Zheng)
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2018). A Power Shift Underway in Europe? China’s Relationship with Central and Eastern Europe Under the Belt and Road Initiative, in Mapping China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ Initiative ( ed. Li Xing), Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 249-278
    • Agatha Kratz and Dragan Pavlićević (2016). High Speed Railways and China's Foreign Policy: Riding the Gravy Train?, Lau China Institute, Working Paper No.1, King's College London
    • Zhengxu Wang and Dragan Pavlićević (2014). Transitional Meritocracy: Institutions and Practices of Personnel Management in Contemporary China’s Party-State, in Globalization and Public sector in China (eds. Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard), Routledge
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    • Dragan Pavlićević (2015). China's New Silk Road Takes Shape in Central and Eastern Europe. China Brief, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp. 9-13
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2014). China's Railway Diplomacy in Balkans. China Brief, Volume 14, Issue 20, pp. 8-12
    • Zhengxu Wang and Dragan Pavlićević (2011). Citizens and Democracy: Shi Tianjian’s Contribution to China Studies and Political Science. China: An International Journal, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 125-135
    • Dragan Pavlićević (2011). The Sino-Serbian Strategic Partnership in a Sino-EU Relationship Context. China Policy Institute, Briefing Series, Issue 68
  • Grants

    • Dragan Pavlićević ( Co-lead Investigator) and Nicole Talmacs ( Co-Lead Investigator) (2019-2021). Living with China: Contestations and Adaptations, XJTLu HSS China Outside Project Fund, Value: RMB50,000
    • Dragan Pavlićević ( 2019-2020). China's Development Zones Going Global, SIP Social Science Fund, Value: RMB 2000
  • Professional service activities

    • Programme Director, Diploma in China Studies ( 2020 - ongoing)
    • Research Officer, Humanities and Social Sciences Cluster, and Member, XJTLU Research Committee ( 2017-2020)
    • Global Engagement Officer, Department of China Studies and Member, XJTLU Global Engagement Committee ( 2018 - ongoing)
  • Teaching activities

    • CCS201 International China
    • CCS202 China and East Asia
    • CCS901 Understanding China
  • Courses taught

    • CCS201 International China
    • CCS202 China and East Asia
  • Awards and honours

    • Fellow, Higher Education Academy (2018)
  • Telephone

    +86 (0)512 81888350
  • Email

  • Address

    Office 346, HS Building, XJTLU South CampusChongwen Road
    Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District
    Suzhou Industrial Park