Yu Song


Dr. Song is Senior Associate Professor and Director of the Xipu Institution (Think Tank). She joined XJTLU in 2016. Her research interests include industrial development, local governance, citizenship, gender and social development, land policies and urbanization, migration and ageing issue in China.
  • Qualifications

    • Fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK)
    • Ph.D. , Zhejiang University, 2008
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education,University of Liverpool, 2019
  • Experience

    • Senior Associate Professor and Diretor, Xipu Institution (Think Tank), Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University-2020 to present
    • Senior Associate Professor and Director of Diploma in China Studies (Year in China) Programme, Department of China Studies, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University-2016 to 2020
    • Associate Professor, School of Economics and Management, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University - 2010 to 2016
    • Lecturer, School of Economics and Management, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University - 2008 to 2010
    • Lecturer, School of Foreign Languages, Zhejiang Agriculture and Forestry University - 1997 to 2004
  • Research interests

    • industrial development, local governance, citizenship, gender and social development, land policies and urbanization, migration and ageing issue in China
  • Articles

    • Yu, Shiwang, Guo, N., Zheng, C., Song, Yu. & Hao, J.L. (2021). Investigating the Association between Outdoor Environment and Outdoor Activities for Seniors Living in Old Residential Communities. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18, 7500.
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    • Song, Yu (2017). Women’s political participation in rural China: Agency, power distribution and inheritance. Journal of China Women’s University, 29(6): 44-50. (中国农村妇女参政:能动性、权力分配与传承. 中华女子学院学报,人大复印资料2018年2月“妇女研究”全文转载
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    • Huang, Zuhui and Song, Yu (2005). Investigation and analysis of employment of female labour migrants: A case study of Hangzhou. China Rural Economy, 9: 33-41.
  • Books, monographs, compilations and manuals

    • Song, Yu 2014 农村女性劳动力流动及影响因素研究----以长江三角洲为例, 上海交通大学出版社,
  • Chapters, cases, readings and supplements

    • Song, Yu 2020. Family planning policies and fertility changes in China: a historical review, in Xiaowei Zang and Hon S. Chan (Eds), Handbook of Public Policy and Public Administration in China, Edward Elgar, 277-289.
    • Song, Yu 2016, 'Women's social mobility in China: Marriage and class' in (eds) Handbook of Class and Social Stratification in China, Edward Elgar, pp.
    • Sargeson, Sally & Song, Yu 2011, 'Gender, citizenship and agency in land development' in (eds) Women, Gender and Rural Development in China, Edward Elgar, pp.
  • Grants

    • CI: Agglomeration level and causes, and policies for medical talents: A perspective from regional balanced development, National Foundation of Natural Science of China, 01/2022-12/2025.
    • PI: Migrant children in Suzhou: Adaptation and inclusion, XJTLU SURF, 06/2021-08/2021.
    • PI: Major measures for building a highland for digital cultural industry in Suzhou, Suzhou Social Science Fund, 05/2021-10/2021.
    • CI: Social Worlds: China’s Cities as Spaces of Worldmaking, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 01/2020-10/2023.
    • PI: Development and application of smart elderly care technology under the integration of the Yangtze Delta, KSF, XJTLU, 01/2020-12/2022.
    • PI: Gendering and aestheticizing rurality in China: Li Ziqi and her foreign audiences on Youtube, XJTLU HSS China Outside Project, 01/2020-12/2020.
    • PI: Rural women’s political participation: institutional arrangement and capability building, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, 08/2019-08/2021.
    • PI: Transformative learning experience for undergraduate students: building a research-led learning environment through SURF projects, XJTLU TDF, 07/2019-06/2022.
    • PI: Migrant grandparents: Care arrangements and identity (re)formation, XJTLU SURF, 06/2019-08/2019.
    • CI: Women’s mobility: negotiating work and family spheres in Asia, Worldwide Universities Network Research Development Fund (WUN RDF), 03/2019-12/2020.
    • PI: Women and political participation in rural China: a tempo-spatial perspective, XJTLU PGRS, 01/2019-12/2022.
    • PI: Women’s political participation in rural China: agency and power redistribution, XJTLU RDF, 01/2019-12/2022.
    • CI: Marketized ecological compensation mechanism for the key ecological function areas, National Social Science Fund of China, 07/2015-06/2018.
    • CI: Construction of a dynamic analytical framework of transaction cost: a theoretical research based on agricultural organizations, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 01/2013-12/2016.
  • Professional memberships

    • Specially Appointed Adjunct Research Fellow, Suzhou Municipal People’s Government, PRC
    • Member of Chinese Sociology Association, PRC
    • Member of Chinese Social Security Association, PRC
    • Council Member of Jiangsu Provincial Women’s Studies Association, PRC
  • Awards and honours

    • 2021 First Prize for Excellent Paper of the Fifteenth Academic Conference of Jiangsu Provincial Federation of Philosophy and Social Sciences (Southern Jiangsu Region)
    • 2021 Excellent SIP Research Reports Prizes
  • Telephone

    +86 (0)512 +86 512 81884733
  • Email

  • Address

    Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District
    Suzhou Industrial Park