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Dr. Jin(靳小波) holds PhD in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System from National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition, Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, MSc in Computer Software and Theory from North Western Polytechnical University. In 2009-2010, he was a senior development engineer in China Center for Information Industry Development. He worked as a Lecturer (2010-2013) and Associate Professor (2014-2019) in the School of Information Sciences and Engineering, Henan University of Technology. His teaching experience closely relates to programming, algorithm design and data structure, optimization, image and vision. He was awarded as the young and middle-aged academic leader of the "Qing Lan Project" in Jiangsu universities in 2021 (江苏省高校青蓝工程中青年学术带头人).

Dr. Xiaobo Jin' interests lie in the areas of machine learning and computer vision. He has published over 50 papers including international authoritative journals and conferences such as IEEE transactions on NNLS, TIP, CVPR, ICDM, Pattern Recognition, Information Sciences, IEEE Access, Cognitive Computation and Neucomputation. He has presided two Natural Science Fund of China projects. As a main explorer, he participated in 4 natural science funds. Dr. Jin attended four international machine learning competitions including Web Spam Challenge 2007/2008, ECML 2010 Discovery Challenge, Baidu Cup Challenge 2016 (as the team leader) and won four champions.

What's New? The students I supervise complete the following work:

1. (Phd.) Yiming Lin et al. Context Does Matter: End-to-end Panoptic Narrative Grounding with Deformable Attention Refined Matching Network,
International Conference on Data Mining 2023. Top conference on data mining.

2. (Phd.) Zihan Ye et. al. Rebalanced Zero-shot Learning, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, CCF A. 2023.

3. (UG) Haochen Xue et. al. Automatic Image Blending Algorithm Based on SAM and DINO, ICONIP 2023. CCF C.

4. (PG) Fukai Zhang, et. al. WCANET: Wavelet Channel Attention Network for Citrus Variety Identification. ICIP 2023. CCF C.

If you are a senior undergraduate or graduate student with good self-drive and programming abilities, you can contact me by email

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