Zheng Chen


The environment is fascinating because living organisms are powered by redox-active elements, namely C, N, Fe, S, P, and As.

Most of our work focuses on the soil-water interface and plant rhizosphere in wetlands (especially rice fields) because they are where the changes, of the redox-active elements' forms, happened. The changes are catalyzed by groups of tiny transformers (microorganisms with special functions), usually, their secret lives are not visible unless special tools are used to observe them. Thus, we must work as scientists and engineers, to develop new techniques to study them at small scales, like microsensors and in-situ samplers, even robots.

We expect the knowledge from our studies could be applied to provide soil-based solutions for better environments and sustainable methods to remediate polluted soils.


Please contact me by email if you are interested in joining our group.
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