Wisdom Lake Internationalisation Summit of Higher Education 2016


"Developing an international innovation eco-system: reshaping the relationships among a university, industry and government"

With the arrival of the era of the internet, globalisation and the knowledge economy, universities should rethink their core values in the development of a modern society, as well as consider how to reshape their relationships with society.

This conference will explore how modern universities can further promote social development, especially how they can meet the challenges of global innovation over the internet by creating an international innovation ecosystem. It is held by XJTLU (organised by the Institute of Leadership and Education Advanced Development) and supported by the Suzhou Dushu Lake Science and Education Innovation District. It is sponsored by the Internationalisation Research Centre of Internationalisation of Higher Education demonstration area, Ministry of Education. Proceedings will be in Mandarin Chinese and English.

The summit will adopt the form of a keynote speech, which will be delivered by renowned leaders of Sino-foreign cooperative universities, internationally well-known professors in the field of higher education or representatives of industry and the government.

Each guest will deliver a 25-minute speech related to the theme, the entirety of which will be followed by a whole audience discussion of 10 minutes.


A series of sub-topics will be discussed to promote the development of higher education both theoretically and practically, including:

  • How to structure international innovation eco-systems through industry-education-research collaborations
  • What is the position and function of universities in an international innovative and ecological society?
  • How are foreign universities involved in the innovation system construction and innovation talents cultivation China?
  • How can industry and government cooperate with universities to found an international innovation eco-system?

Consideration of XJTLU's unique international environment, along with concern for the world focusing on the localisation for foreign universities in China under the current situation, will be discussed.


Professor Youmin Xi

Executive President of Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of University of Liverpool, Professor of Management of Xi'an Jiaotong University. For more information, please see Professor Xi’s profile on our leadership page.

Professor Kelvin Douglas Everest

Professor Kelvin Douglas Everest is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of University of Liverpool, where he oversees student experience and academic affairs in China. Professor Everest is an acclaimed leader in higher education, having served as head of the Department of English Language and Literature, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, director of Academic Affairs for China, Public Orator of the University and Pro-Vice-Chancellor in the University of Liverpool.

Dr Yang Zhenming

Dr Yang Zhenming is a lifelong professor of materials department at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the incumbent vice president of the University of California College of Engineering, as well as director of international affairs and education. Dr Yang's research focuses on advanced aircraft and spacecraft structural materials, ground transportation and application of the high temperature composites, the mechanical properties of polymer, and metal and ceramic matrix composite materials. Yang is a renowned scholar and authority in the research field of composite.

Barry Yang

Barry Young holds the position of Deputy Party Secretary of Suzhou Industrial Park Working Committee (CPC) cum Chairman of Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee (SIPAC). He graduated from Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and completed his doctoral programme at the Management School at Xi'an Jiaotong University, his MBA at the National University of Singapore and EMBA at the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania in USA.

Anthony Rogers Welch

Anthony Rogers Welch is professor of education in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at University of Sydney. He has has consulted to international agencies such as United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Commonwealth of Learning (CoL) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), state and federal governments in Australia, Asia, as well as within Europe, and to US and Asian Foundations and institutions. He has amassed substantial project experience in several parts of Asia, notably China and South East Asia, and in Afghanistan, particularly in higher education reforms.

Speech topic: Returnees and diaspora as sources of innovation in Chinese higher education

Dr Jun Li

Dr Jun Li is deputy director of the Education Policy Unit at the University of Hong Kong, Chairman of the Hong Kong Educational Research Association, and Past President of the Comparative Education Society of Hong Kong. He is directing research projects on "World-class Universities, Publication and Research Assessment: Rethinking the Mission of Higher Education in the Global Age" and "China-Africa University Partnerships in Education and Training: Students, Trainees, Teachers and Researchers".

Speech topic: "The Chinese University 3.0 in a global age: History, modernity and future"

Patrick Naoya Shorb

Patrick Naoya Shorb is associate professor and director of the Active Learning Support Center, Akita International University. His research interests include the history of education in East Asia, higher education learning and teaching, and international higher education policy. He spend five years as an assistant professor of history at the University of Minnesota-Morris, two Years as executive vice-president of New Pathway Education Group in Shanghai and 15 months as manager of the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Office at XJTLU.


Please note that the final agenda will be based on the actual agenda declared on the opening day of the event.


  • 21 May, 8 – 9am, hall at north entrance, first floor, XJTLU Central Building.

21 May 2016

  • 9am – 5pm: Third Wisdom Lake Internationalisation Summit of Higher Education 2016

22 May 2016

  • 9am – 12pm: Sub-forum for WISHE. Special guest speakers Dr Patrick Naoya Shorb and Jun (Steven) Lin
  • 9 – 12pm: XJTLU Education Forum Theme Three: High school education in the age of university transformation. For more information, please see the Annual Conference for Higher Education Innovation 2016.

Call for papers

We welcome scholars, teaching practitioners and people who are interested in higher education internationalisation to submit manuscripts. Contributions can cover (but are not limited to) the conference sub-topics. Please send your paper before 15 April 2016. A response will be sent in early May. All enrolled papers will be saved to a disc that will be offered to participants at the summit.

A sub-forum will feature several reports delivered by the authors of outstanding papers that will be appraised and selected before the summit. All submitted and selected papers will be presented in an exhibition area.

Thesis format:

  1. First author profile: full name, gender, nationality, job title, degree and research direction
  2. Chinese-English antithetical headline, author name, summary (around 250 words), key words (three to six words)
  3. Labelling reference documents with superior angel mark in text and corresponding with the codes of reference documents
  4. The information of reference documents must be integrated and normative.


  • Education Innovation Excellence Programme member: RMB 2,100
  • Non-member: RMB 2,650
  • Enroled student: RMB 1,000

Payment can be made by cash, credit card or transfer. Transfer information:

Deposit bank: Agricultural Bank of China, Xie Tang Sub-branch, Suzhou Industrial Park
Bank account: 5507 0104 0006 923
Organisation name: Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
(Please specify a postscript: WISHE 2016 - Participants)

Meals during the event will be fully covered and arranged by the host. Participants' accommodation and transportation fees are at their own expense.