Professors of XJTLU Public Lecture( “在西浦听讲座” )is XJTLU’s signature event for scholarly communication and knowledge dissemination. Delivered by newly appointed or promoted professors, this public research event presents the research strength of XJTLU and celebrates XJTLU’s unique research culture. The lecture series will be offered throughout the academic year. The event will be open to all XJTLU students and staff, with an extended warm invitation to the public. Through stimulating presentations using plain language, the Professors of XJTLU will explain complex research topics and showcase of the research impact of the university and its societal contribution.

Target Participants

Open for public, including both external audiences and all XJTLU staff and students.

Schedule for the Lecture Series 2023





15 March Obesity: A Global and Canadian/Chinese Perspective John Moraros School of Science
12 April Meeting the Challenge of the Profound Change in the World Order Unseen in A Century Ji You School of Humanities and Social Sciences
17 May Socio-Technical Innovation through Design Science Research: Keeping away from obsolete Dichotomies in Information Systems Research Miguel Baptista Nunes School of Internet of Things
14 June Information Transmission and Big Data in Finance Hefei Wang International Business School Suzhou
18 October The Nobel-prize Winning Discovery of the Fullerenes(And the Birth Nanotechnology – From Someone Who Was There) John Dennis School of Science
15 November The Mysterious World of Orchids Uromi Manage Goodale School of Science
20 December Children’s developmental processes and the mutual interaction of maternal and paternal parenting Jeong Jin Yu Academy of Future Education

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