Invitation for Art Creativity Month: Early Summer Concert


12:00 AM - 11:59 PM


  • Date: 28th April
  • Venue: Liverpool Pavilion
  • Club Name: XJTLU Chorus


How time flies! Fifteen years have gone. Young XJTLU is celebrating its birthday. In order to celebrate this milestone moment, XJTLU Art Center and a large number of art clubs have launched an art creativity month event with the theme of "Morning Hope tomorrow". We have planned to hold continuous, themed and exciting art activities in a period of one month to celebrate the anniversary of our alma mater. These activities include screenings of self-made anniversary films and creative work exhibitions that look back on the past, as well as special displays that reflect the diverse and upward outlook of XJTLU’s students, such as the introduction of rock and roll into campus and the animation cherry blossom season, which also reflect our students’ positive attitudes. There is an early summer concert and the opening ceremony of the high-level artistic literacy played in unison with Guzheng, and there is also a prospective wall that entrusts everyone with a beautiful vision for the future of XJTLU. These activities are both solemn and harmonious, colorful, showing the past, present and future of our university from multiple dimensions. Through looking back at the past, we will draw the power of moving forward. Through feeling the present, we will be inspired by innovation, and in the future we will be inspired with the faith of struggle. In fifteen years, with a flick of a finger, you and I have witnessed the growth of XJTLU together! Here, XJTLU Art Center sincerely invites all teachers, faculty and staff of the university to come to the event, and enjoy the beauty of XJTLU!


The singing leaps the pavilions, and dreams gather into rainbows.


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