Chinese Language Teaching Lecture: Task-Based and Task-Supported Language Teaching: Design, Implementation, and Sample Tasks


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The lecture will be delivered in English, and the PPT slides have a combination of both Chinese and English.
All language educators who teach a language different from Chinese will also have substantial takeaways and are more than welcome to attend.


  • Lecture Time: GMT+8 19:00 19th May (Beijing Time)
  • Self-Enrolment Due Date: GMT+8 17:00 17th May (Beijing Time)
  • Venue: Zhumu (meeting link will be delivered via e-mail)
  • Organizer: Chinese Division of Modern Languages Centre


Keeping tasks and authenticity at the heart of curriculum design, this lecture highlights what Chinese language educators can do to incorporate tasks with concomitant rubrics, revamp Chinese language curricula, and create a student-centred active learning community.

The lecture will synthesize the common features of tasks, compare task-based and task-supported curricula and their feasibility in CFL classes, highlight effective principles and guidelines for implementing a series of tasks created by a wide array of authentic materials, and illustrate field-tested tasks and rubrics suited for novice, intermediate, and advanced learners.

All examples are selected from the Handbook of Tasks and Rubrics for Teaching Mandarin Chinese (Volume I, II, III). Each volume includes ready-to-use instructional materials that are proven to be time-effective and outcome-productive, including, but not limited to, can-do statements, authentic materials, step-by-step instructions, and rubrics, etc.

Guest Speaker

Professor Miao-Fen Tseng

Professor Miao-Fen Tseng is Daniels Family NEH (National Endowment for The Humanities) Distinguished Teaching Professor and the Inaugural Director of the Institute of World Languages at the University of Virginia (UVA).

In recent years, she has actively established global partnerships for online learning and promoted technology, task-based and community-based experiential learning for F2F and online language teaching and learning. Her influential roles include, but are not limited to, Director of UVA STARTALK Teacher/Student Academy, Founder and President of the Chinese Language Teachers Association of Virginia (CLTA-VA), member of the CLTA Board of Directors, member of STARTALK Task Force, College Board consultant in AP Chinese, Academic Advisor and Senior Reviewer for AP Chinese Audit, and Evaluator of K-16 Chinese language programs and teacher preparation programs.

She has received many accolades in recognition of her contribution to Chinese language education, among them the Albert Nelson Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award (2019), the STARTALK Award (2008-2019, 2021), the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Taipei (2018), the Jefferson Trust Award (2018), the Helen Warriner-Burke FLAVA Distinguished Service Award (2016), and the Jiede Empirical Research grant (2015) and Ron Walton Best Presentation Award (1998) by CLTA.

She has published almost 30 peer-reviewed articles and six books, including Teach Chinese Online: An Essential Guide, The Handbook of Tasks and Rubrics for Teaching Mandarin Chinese (Volume I, II, III), AP Chinese Language and Culture Teacher’s Guide, and Promoting Professionalism in Teaching AP Chinese. Her major interest lies in CFL curriculum design and pedagogy, task-based teaching, teacher training, and online teaching and technology.


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