IIH Innovation Factory Open Day


9:30 AM - 11:30 AM




International Innovation Hub (IIH) sincerely invite you to participate in our "Innovation Factory Open Day". IIH partners with industry and community to educate talents with competitive capabilities under the XJTLU’s model of Syntegrative Education; cultivate the spirits and culture of innovation and entrepreneurship inside the campus; and support the establishment of XJTLU’s “Innovation and Entrepreneur Community” for prompting the economic growth and severing the challenges of the society in the new era of technological, industrial, and business development.

In this open day, IIH is honored to invite Manager Xue from LUKE LABS INNOVATION to share her experience about makers and entrepreneurship, which will take you to experience all aspects of entrepreneurship knowledge from project selection to technical exchange and achievement transformation.


  • Maker/entrepreneurial project selection

How to choose a good maker/ entrepreneurial project

  • Maker technology

Maker technology resources
Maker AI technology
Source of ideas

  • How to make choices in starting a business

Maker achievement transformation and entrepreneurship stage

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