Marketing Student Association | Salon | The Art of Data


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

BSG33 (Zhumu Room number: 171 047 315)


  • Time: 14:00-15:00
  • Date: Wednesday, October 20
  • Venue: BSG33 (Zhumu Room number: 171 047 315)
  • Language: English and Chinese


With the fast development of China’s digital technology, nowadays almost every touchpoint of marketing has become the point of data accumulation. Therefore, to marketers and advertisers, data has never been more powerful than today, that can heavily impact on their decisions and marketing implementation.

In this salon, Oni will use real practice examples and try to give everyone an overall picture, especially from communication perspective:

  • Why data is so important in marketing and communication nowadays?
  • In what aspects can data influence today’s marketing?
  • How to utilize data in marketing practice?


Oni Zhang

  • Ex-Head of strategy of Dentsu Media, independent consultant, columnist and mentor.
  • Former clients cover multiple categories such as luxury, FMCG, package goods, consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, pharma and etc. Key clients include Burberry, Apple, KFC, Shiseido, SIEMENS etc.
  • Decades of proven experience in renowned 4A agencies, on building brands via providing strategic solutions across branding, integrated marketing communication, media, consumer insights, and social & digital.
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