School of Cultural Technology event: Cultural Technology Career Talk with CEO XIE Rongqing


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM



  • Time:6:30pm
  • Date:24th November 2021 (Wednesday)
  • Venue: HSG02
  • Organizer: School of Cultural Technology


  • Why did you choose Chinese traditional textile crafts as your career?
  • Which stage is your company in? What is your vision of company development in the near future?
  • Main products presentation
  • What kind of talents does your company need? How do students develop their career during the university?
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Ms Xie Qingrong is the CEO of Renhe Textile and Embroidery Crafts Co. Ltd. in Suzhou Industrial Park and of Suzhou Tianyuan Difang Culture Communication Company. Ms Xie is also appointed as an External Mentor of XJTLU. She has owned 9 patents in exterior design, 12 patents in applied new models, 2 inventions and 77 product copyrights. She is the holder of 2 new product identification certificates. Her works have won 1 international gold award, 4 domestic gold awards, and 15 awards in other related fields. Her collaborators include artists Nancy Kozikowski, Susan Klebanoff, Yao Yongqiang, Liu Xunfeng and more. She has been titled as arts and crafts artist, engineer, color matching engineer, and credit manager.

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