Spectrum Incubation Miniseries Casting Call

2022-03-09 12:00 AM

2022-03-22 12:00 AM


  • Date: From the date of the announcement to 22/03/2022, 24:00


The Academy of Film and Creative Technology (AFCT) is jointly hold the Spectrum Incubation Miniseries Project with Yangzhou All Studio (subsidiary of Enlight Media Group). The miniseries will be produced by the AFCT, and distributed by Yangzhou All Studio through various platforms and channels. The AFCT in collaboration with the XJTLU Art Center is now calling for actors and actresses from students and staff inXJTLU. The enrolled actors will participate in the regular performance training instructed by professionals. After completing the training, the enrolled actors will join the miniseires production officially.

A. Basic information of the miniseries:
1. Length: 10 episodes; 15 minutes per episode;
2. Gerne: Drama about university life;
3. Shooting dates: the end of July – the end of August.

B. General Requirements:
1. Cheerful-looking; Good limb coordination;
2. Passionate about performing; telegnic; articulate; posses basic acting skills;
3. Willing to take challenge; responsible; able to attend all the rehearsals.

C. Procedure
1. Sign up & Video audition
a. Registration window:
From the date of the announcement to 22/03/2022, 24:00. Depending on the pandemic situation and relevant policy requirements, we will notify you if there are any adjustments or changes. Applications will not be considered if submissions are incomplete.
b. Registration link: https://www.wjx.top/vj/eWm1Dcy.aspx

2. Video Audition:
Applicants are required to upload a 3-minute audition video, which includes:
a. Self-introduction (Name, height, weight, talent);
b. Audition: Please select a monologue from the scripts uploaded in the following link (https://box.xjtlu.edu.cn/f/9ebb1eb9cf6143e3b8e9/ ) and make a
performance. The video needs to be shot with one take without editing. The image should present the applicant from above the waist. Applicants shall wear no makeup or light makeup.
Beauty filters are restricted while shooting;
c. Please upload the video to the designated section in the registration form.
3. On-site Audition:
After the audition committee reviews the uploaded videos, a list of actors selected for the on-site audition will be announced. The audition committee will evaluate the performance of the selected applicants on site. Considering the situation of pandemic control, the time and location of the on-site audition will be announced later. The finalist will be determined by the audition committee.

D. Notice
Once the final list of the actors are determined, they must participate in all the training and rehearsals (2-4 hours/week). For those who are absent without cause, the production team owns the right to cancel their qualifications.

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