Design School Research Open Day


1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Zhumu meeting ID: 605 189 210


  • Time: 13:00 - 15:00
  • Date: 2022.04.20
  • Venue: Zhumu meeting ID: 605 189 210
  • Language: English


Theme: Publish or Perish, Deploy or Die, Exhibit or Expire

Practice-Based Research [PBR] is an original investigation undertaken in order to gain new knowledgepartly by means of practice and the outcomes of that practice. Claims of originality and contribution tothis knowledge may be demonstrated through creative outcomes which may include artefacts such asvideo, film, script, images, music, designs, models, digital media, creative work such as experience design,service design, interaction design etc., or other outcomes such as performances, exhibitions, translations,online and off-line exhibitions, digital and visual media, other online content, policy reports,consultancy/NGO reports and service, and expert media reports /commentaries.

Whilst the significanceand context of the claims are described in words, a full understanding can only be obtained with directreference to those outcomes. Specific scope and varieties of practice-based research will be definedwithin Schools/Departments, as they may significantly vary across the disciplines. As part of academicresearch, practice-based research contributes to the following:

  • Advance knowledge in the discipline area;
  • Contribute towards university ranking;
  • Enhance international reputation of the School and/or University;
  • Deliver a tangible impact on industry, and/or society, and/or policy.


13:00-13:05 Welcome Speech by School Dean
13:05-13:10 Opening Speech by AVP of Research and Impact
13:10-13:15 Theme introduction13:15-13:20 Brief introduction of PBR13:20-13:40 Introduction of Research by Design
13:40-14:55 PBR Projects Presentation& Research Lab introduction

  • Solar Decathlon, Zhangjiakou,China
  • Pink Park, Seoul, Korea
  • Doshi WS, Ahmedabad, India

14:55-15:00 Q&A session

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