AoFE Open Class Series (1): How to Talk "love" with Your Children


7:30 PM - 9:00 PM



How to build a bridge between parents and university-students kids through active listening and communication, let ‘love’ flow in the relationship and make home the source of strength for college students’ adventure and exploration.


Hailing Ye, Children Development Education Product Manager of ILEAD, XJTLU, National Psychological Consultant (Level 2), High Skilled Leading Talent of Jinjihu Project, Suzhou. She began to engage in psychological counseling and Employee Assistance Program(EAP) in universities, world top 500 enterprises and other large institutions since 2006, with 6000+ case hours , 1000+ supervision hours, 200+ personal counseling hours, and 6000+ training hours. Under the guidance of Professor Yongxin Zhu, a famous educator, she is committed to mental health education and research.

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