This talk will  share the investigation on whether attitudes towards gambling help explain the occurrence of stock price crashes in China. The following questions will be discussed with the audiences.

  • Do firms with stronger gambling preference experience greater stock price crash risk?
  • Can the impact of local gambling attitudes on stock price crash risk be mitigated by higher quality internal monitoring and more stringent external monitoring?
  • What are the two channels through which gambling preferences intensify stock price crash risk?


Dr Qiong Ji (CFA, FRM) is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the School of Intelligent Finance and Business. Qiong received her PhD from the University of Liverpool.

Her research articles appeared in international journals such as Journal of Banking and Finance. Qiong's current research centres around the role of venture capital, asset pricing, corporate governance, corporate investment, and innovation. Other interests include FinTech, crash risk, and climate change.

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