IBSS Lunch & Learn Talk: How to improve gender equality in the workplace? Some behavioral insights


12:10 PM - 12:50 PM

Tencent Meeting


  • Time: 12:10 – 12:50 PM
  • Date: 7 December 2022
  • Venue: Tencent Meeting


Gender equality is not only an economic concern but imperative for organizations. In recent years, many organizations have invested numerous resources in promoting gender equality in the workplace, but the question remains how effectively and efficiently to achieve it. As unconscious bias holds people back, reducing bias of individual mindset has been proven to be a challenging task. Traditional ways of workshops and training programs are often costly with limited accomplishment. Behavioral design provides a new approach. Some evidence-based tools are available in assisting organizations to reduce biases and enhance gender equality. Those tools—focus on changing the environment instead of changing people’s minds through training—are often effective and at relatively low cost.


Dr Yaxiong (Sherry) Li

Yaxiong (Sherry) Li graduated with a Ph.D. from University of Auckland in 2021 and she is currently teaching Year 2 Microeconomics and Year 0 Trends in Economics and Finance at XJTLU. Sherry’s primary research area is experimental economics with emphasis on gender and
leadership. She is interested in applying behavioral methods to study gender differences in organizational settings such as agency relationships and coordination problems between employers and employees. Her research articles have been published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics and the Journal of Economic Psychology.

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You may be interested.

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