Women in Research at XJTLU—Inspiring and Empowering


1:45 PM - 3:30 PM

G23W, Central Building; Academic Schools, North/South Campus



We are writing to invite you to our International Women’s Day event – Women in Research at XJTLU—Inspiring and Empowering hosted by XJTLU Graduate School & Research Management Office.

On the incoming 8th March, 6 female researchers will share their stories and experience in their research journey at XJTLU. They will sit around and have an in-depth discussion, revolving around 3 specific topics. Through the sharing session, you will have a better understanding of how did a female researcher get started in research, overcome challenges and achieve a balance between her career and personal life. It is expected that our researchers, especially the young ones will be inspired and empowered to have a firm belief in “The power of women” to overcome any challenges they may encounter in the future. Please find the following event details for your information.


  • How to get started and stay motivated in doing research?
  • What challenges have you overcome as a female academic?
  • How do you balance your career and personal life?

Participants: All students & staff are welcomed

Registration deadline: Friday, 2nd March 2023

Please register through the registration link and QR code below if you are interested in this event.


  • Yu Song: Professor, Director of the XIPU Institution, Think Tank
  • Li Yang: Professor, Associate Dean of Research & Impact, School of Science
  • Wen Liu: Associate Professor, School of Advanced Technology
  • Siyue Yu: Received PhD degree at XJTLU in December of 2022, currently working as a lecturer in the School of Advanced Technology
  • Jinyan Wang: Year 2 PhD student, School of Science
  • Yue Zhou: Year 3 PhD student, International Business School Suzhou
You may be interested.
You may be interested.

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