AFCT-SoFTA 4th Digital Media Arts Exhibition

2023-12-11 2:00 PM

2023-12-17 5:30 PM

AS Building Ground Floor, South Campus


  • Title: The 4th Digital Media Arts Exhibition
  • Date: 11-17 December 2023
  • Time: 14:00-17:30
  • Opening Ceremony: 17:00-21:00, 13 December
  • Venue: AS Building, South Campus, XJTLU


The fourth edition of the Digital Media Arts (DMA) exhibition not only upholds but also deepens the remarkable achievements of its predecessors. Centered around the theme of " Diversity ", this exhibition meticulously integrates five distinct DMA courses, intending to provide the audience with a more intuitive and comprehensive appreciation of the essence of digital media arts. Specifically, the content of the fourth DMA exhibition encompasses IP character design, installation and interactive design, post-production, portfolio design, and major project design. This digital arts exhibition presents a fully immersive experience in both visual and auditory senses, offering a comprehensive feast of digital media.

Opening Agenda

Opening Ceremony:17:00-21:00, 13 December (WED)


Are you eager to gain a thorough understanding of the digital media arts profession? Do you seek a more immersive firsthand experience with digital media arts? Are you longing to undergo an artistic and technological baptism for your soul? We enthusiastically welcome you to join us at the fourth Digital Media Arts Exhibition!


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