Seminar | Wanghong Consumption and Urban Change in China: Xiaohongshu, Citywalk, and New Cultural Capital


5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

University Museum, North Campus


Date: 13 Dec (Wed)


Format: China talk

Venue: University Museum, North Campus

Speaker: Liu Cao

Tencent Meeting: 406-874-809



How does seemingly innocent wanghong consumption (social media and influencers) in China lead to neighborhood changes and instigate exclusionary pressures by fostering a place with ‘fashionable people phobia’? This China Talk will introduce you to the recent heated wanghong consumption in China, aiming to understand how these wanghong consumption practices and urban lifestyles shape urban landscapes through Chinese young people's everyday lives in cities. Additionally, it will explore China’s wanghong retailers, shedding light on how these retailers reflect the identities and social statuses of Chinese consumers through their changing retailing strategies.



Liu Cao is an urban cultural geographer with interests in the everyday life of cities, urban consumption, and cities and social changes. She works at the intersection of urban geography and cultural studies to understand the urban. She is particularly interested in urban consumption in China by looking at how new urban spaces are structured and transformed through people's consumption practices, and the major theme running through her work is to use empirical research from China to develop conversations with existing urban scholarship that is grounded from the West. Her recent research project 'wanghong consumption and urban transformation', is thoroughly exploring the new cultural landscapes formed by wanghong consumption in relation to retailing changes in China.

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