Summer Ceremony at SIP

Summer Ceremony at SIP

Collecting Tickets and Academic Dress

Before the ceremony starts, you need to collect your graduation ticket and academic dress after you arrive at the campus; the Ticketing and Academic Dress Points will be open at the following time slots for your graduation:

  • FRIDAY, 26 JULY, 1:30PM TO 5:00PM
  • MONDAY, 29 JULY, 8:00AM TO 5:30PM
  • TUESDAY, 30 JULY, 8:00AM TO 5:30PM
  • WEDNESDAY, 31 JULY, 8:00AM TO 5:30PM
  • THURSDAY, 1 AUGUST, 8:00AM TO 5:30PM


Please remember all academic dresses must be returned by 4:00pm on Friday 2 August 2024 if you are attending the summer ceremony; otherwise, we will assume you have purchased your academic dress and your deposit will not be returned in this case. Please note that the academic dress rented will not be switched once it is collected

Please allow yourself plenty of time to pick up your tickets and get well dressed. Please make sure you will arrive at G13W, Central Building, at least 60 minutes (8:30am for morning ceremony / 1:30pm for afternoon ceremony) to check in and be seated before your ceremony begins, late arrivals will not be allowed to enter into the ceremony hall.

Academic dress will be collected with a corresponding deposit from the ground floor of IA Building and your Graduation Ticket along with your Guest Ticket can be collected from the ground Floor of IA Building at the Registration Desk.

When collecting your ticket and academic dress:

  • Please bring your student ID card to make the process smoother;
  • If you are going directly to the ceremony hall, please make sure you are dressed appropriately;
  • After you collect your academic dress, please do take care of it, especially the tassel on the hat!