Academic Dress

Academic Dress

What to wear to your graduation is a key consideration when preparing for this important day, while the academic dress you’ll wear during the ceremony is a key symbol of any graduation ceremony.

Academic Dress

Academic dress traditionally consists of a robe, hood and hat with tassel.

At XJTLU, students graduating with undergraduate (bachelor) degrees wear square academic hats called ‘mortarboards’, a traditional UK-style robe and a Chinese–style hood in one of five colours.

The colours signify the XJTLU awards students will receive:

  • Blue – Bachelor of Engineering
  • Gold – Bachelor of Economics
  • Silver – Bachelor of Management
  • Copper – Bachelor of Science
  • Pink – Bachelor of Arts

Graduates who will be awarded the Masters’ or PhD degrees will wear a specially designed Academic gown with characteristics of University of Liverpool.

General Dress

Your graduation ceremony is a formal celebration of your achievement and you are required to dress accordingly. When being presented for a degree, you are expected to wear formal clothing in addition to full academic dress. Please note that the entire ceremony will be recorded and you will not be allowed to cross the stage if not dressing suitably.

All caps should be removed when you enter the venue.


The temperature in the venue is reasonably warm, especially when wearing academic dress.

Recommended clothing for gentlemen:

  • Suit or dress pants
  • Collared Shirt
  • Tie
  • Formal shoes

Recommended clothing for ladies:

  • Blouse
  • Skirt or trousers
  • Stockings
  • Formal shoes

High-heels may not be recommended.

Choose a hairstyle that allows you to wear your academic dress comfortably.

Please do not wear the following clothing or you will not be allowed to cross the stage: sports shoes or sandals, shorts, miniskirts and jeans.

To get more details regarding the clothing on the day, please click here to download ACADEMIC DRESS GUIDANCE