Application Development Maintenance

Intending to build a digital campus of Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, XJTLU has abandoned the school-based informatization construction idea of traditional colleges and universities, insisted on unified planning, unified construction, unified management, and unified services, and deployed and implemented XJTLU’s characteristic informatization services.

The core application system covers all aspects of student services, teaching support, scientific research support, and administrative management, assisting user departments to standardize business processes, ensure work efficiency, and improve service experience. Taking student services as an example, XJTLU provides students with full-lifecycle services from admission and orientation to study at school, and even alumni after graduation, employment, etc., and also provides a complete data basis for drawing a portrait of a student.

Information security is the top priority of information work, which provides sufficient security guarantees for various applications of XJTLU. In recent years, the information security work of our school has been steadily improved. In 2022, we won an evaluation score of 98 points from the Provincial Department of Education.

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