Career Centre

Career Centre

Career Centre

XJTLU Career Center provides students with career planning, career guidance, internship and career opportunities, innovation and entrepreneurship guidance, external mentor program, graduation dispatch service, etc., to open a window of society for students, promote students’ cognition of culture, life, and career and improve students’ comprehensive quality and professional competitiveness.

The specific job functions are as follows:

  • Career Guidance: We provide a career development assessment service system for students. Students can repeatedly assess during their school years using the comprehensive assessment system, which provides scientific analysis and career advice to help them realize self-awareness, status assessment, career exploration, and decision-making. Career Center regularly organizes lectures, workshops, group counseling, and other activities to arouse students’ career planning awareness, enhance planning skills and improve their execution. If you have any confusion related to career planning in XJTLU, please get in touch with Career Centre for advice and assistance:

  • Graduates Dispatch: Provides tripartite agreements, graduate dispatch service, etc., for employers and previous graduates. If you want to consult about graduate dispatch, archives, and Hukou transfer, please get in touch with us:

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Provides practical training courses for students under the guidance of the actual needs of college students for innovation and entrepreneurship and organizes students to participate in events such as “Chuangxiang Huihu Cup National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Competition,” “Chuangxiang XJTLU Entrepreneurship Competition,” etc. If you want to get professional guidance in innovation and entrepreneurship or get policy support from the school, please get in touch with us:

  • External Mentor: As one of the four XJTLU mentoring programs, it provides valuable experience and guidance for the growth and development of students. The mutual selection of students and external mentors is open to junior and graduate students every fall. If you want to become one of the external mentors of XJTLU and have a wealth of life experience which can guide various abilities and skills needed for future career and life development to students and help students to understand society and life with a positive attitude, please contact us:

  • Campus Recruitment: We serve as a bridge between students and employees to strengthen the relationship between the university and employers, improve effective communication between employers and the university, and provide students with comprehensive, timely, and accurate job market information. Career Centre realizes the accurate push of recruitment information and the precise docking of recruitment services. If you are an employer, we sincerely invite you to recruit outstanding XJTLU students, and we are willing to arrange and promote an on-campus recruitment fair/ session at XJTLU for you. If you are interested, please contact us:

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