#loveXJTLU Instagram competition

#loveXJTLU Instagram competition


Get a chance to win different prizes by participating in our #LoveXJTLU Instagram photo competition in 2023-2024!

快来参加2023-2024年度 #loveXJTLU Instagram 摄影大赛成为我们的冠军,更有机会赢取丰厚大奖!


Share your photos of life at XJTLU which meet the theme of each competition on Instagram with the #loveXJTLU hashtag, and you may win a JD.com voucher or equivalent.

参与我们的竞赛只需要在Instagram上与我们分享你的校园生活原创照片以及符合每次赛制的主题,并使用 #loveXJTLU标签。就有机会成为我们的冠军并获得京东购物卡(或等额奖品)。

Make sure you’re following @xjtlu on Instagram and don’t miss every announcement!

确保你已经关注了西交利物浦大学的instagram 官方账号@xjtlu,不要错过每一次的冠军揭晓!

See below for more details and the terms and conditions.


Keep sharing your life at XJTLU with the #loveXJTLU or #XJTLU hashtag, your posts could be featured on our official account!


RULES as followed:


All entrants must be current students of XJTLU.


All entrants must be the sole owner and author of their posts.


Eligible entries must:


  • be an Instagram post
  • 发布在Instagram 上
  • use #loveXJTLU hashtag
  • 使用#loveXJTLU标签

Submitted entries should:


  • contain original and interesting subject matter;
  • 内容新颖有趣
  • share the vitality of life at XJTLU;
  • 捕捉西浦校园生活的活力
  • demonstrate strong composition.
  • 展现强大的创作能力

The winner must provide their full name, major and their winning photo.


Entrants must agree to the above information and their submitted entry being published on XJTLU’s official social media channels, across XJTLU’s websites and in XJTLU printed and digital publications.


By entering this competition you agree to the rules above, as well as the following terms and conditions.


This promotion is not associated with Instagram.

此次比赛与instagram 无关。