Howard University visits XJTLU during China Tour

May 25, 2015

IBSS warmly welcomed students and senior staff from Howard University to Suzhou as part of their China Tour. Howard University is a renowned private, research university from Washington DC in the United States.

Barron Harvey, Dean of Howard University School of Business, was keen to highlight the university's rich heritage and history. Since founding in 1867, Howard University has expanded its reputation and is recognized as a leading institution in America. As Barron Harvey stated, "We pride ourselves in being citizens in the nation's capital. Anyone who thinks that they're important come to Howard University, Presidents, Fortune 500 CEO's, and more leading figures want to learn about our history and impact on the country".

Recognising the pace of XJTLU's growth, Barron Harvey continued by expressing his enthusiasm for XJTLU's innovative East and West model. Sarah Dixon, Dean of International Business School Suzhou, received the compliment, commenting that "XJTLU is a relatively young university. This allows an unparalleled level of responsiveness to emerging trends, which is an important part of our strategy as we continue to expand our awareness and influence in China's business community."

Reiterating the importance of industry engagement as key to XJTLU's future and added value in student learning, the American guests were particularly surprised to learn that Suzhou Industrial Park has rapidly become China's second largest industrial park within just a matter of years.

With a combined number of over 30 students representing the two Business Schools and the departments of Urban Planning and Design, students seized a rare Q&A opportunity to discuss the highlights of learning with an institution on the other side of the world. During this session, interest in further cooperation between the two Universities has been clearly communicated.

May 25, 2015