IBSS welcomes new postgraduate students

08 Sep 2015

A group of 125 new postgraduate students from 18 different countries have joined the IBSS community this September.

They joined current IBSS postgraduate students and lecturers at an information session in Central Building.

Deputy Dean, Associate Professor Ewout Van de Schaft addressed the event, saying: “IBSS is a diverse community. We have staff members from all over the world. You will enjoy the opportunity to experience rich cultural diversity.

“IBSS has five principles - impact, internationalism, inspiration, innovation and integrity. I would like to emphasise “integrity” today.

“Business students are usually perceived as ambitious in making money. But we need to have integrity when operating businesses. We are global citizens and should be responsible for the environment, humanity and social equal opportunity. I would like to ask you to keep in mind the IBSS mission, combining east and west and creating a better world.”

Professor Adam Cross, Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching, also gave a speech, saying that postgraduate students should think differently from undergraduate students, that they should have higher expectations in their work and expect to deliver quality work.

“You should be creative, original and independent in you thinking. Be brave enough to criticise and to question. Be an active learner!” he said.

The speeches were followed by a creativity workshop where students teamed up with a member of academic staff in a number of groups. Each group needed to complete a piece of artwork based on the IBSS mission - combining east and west and creating a better world. Time was limited to one hour.

Xiaojun Shen, a new MSc Finance student and a member of the winning team, said: “I think the idea of producing a piece of artwork based on the IBSS mission is very creative. We are going to combine the Chinese landscape brush painting with western architecture. It is a combination of different space and culture. The message we want to deliver is that one shouldn’t forget a natural tranquil lifestyle when living in a society filled with modern technologies.”

Congratulations to Xiaojun’s team and all 2015 IBSS postgraduate students.

08 Sep 2015