IBSS Company Visitor Programme begins with Thomson Reuters talk

22 Oct 2015

The Career Services Team at IBSS has established a series of activities to assist postgraduate students in their career development.

One of the major activities is the IBSS Company Visitor Programme, which each week invites a senior professional from a leading international business to campus to give a talk about careers or current affair, relevant to IBSS MBA and IMBA students.

“It is very important to set up business connections for our current MBA/IMBA students. Many our students already have quite a lot of work experience. It will be beneficial for them to have a platform to interact with peers and leading practitioners from various fields,” said Nicole Yang, Work Placement Officer at IBSS.

“The Company Visitor Programme provides such a platform and meets the needs of our MBA/IMBA students. We hope to help students gain professional knowledge and career insights.”

Paris Xue, CFA, Sales Manager for Non-Banking Financials at Thomson Reuters Shanghai office, was invited to be the first guest speaker and gave a presentation entitled “China, one billion customers?”

“I was very happy to be invited as the first guest speaker. I think this programme is a great initiative for students. They can learn from different speakers and vice-versa - I, as a speaker, enjoyed the interaction with them,” he said.

“Paris’ presentation was excellent and very informative. I especially appreciated his candid answers and open dialogue about Thompson Reuters and the industry as a whole. It was fascinating to hear about how the company has tailored itself to the Chinese market to offer suitable products and services,” said Andrew De Nunzio, an IMBA student from California, US.

“I would definitely like to see more speakers like this, more similar topics of conversation regarding how companies function in China and what types of positions/internships are available to MBA students,” he added.

22 Oct 2015