IBSS students take part in CFA Institute Research Challenge kick-off meeting

15 Oct 2015

Five MSc Investment Management students took part in a kick-off meeting for this year’s CFA Institute Research Challenge.

(In photo, first row from left: Lingyu Kong, Fan Wang, Rebecca Gilbert. Second row from left: Jing Xu, Taha Muhammad, Sean Finucane)

The initiative, run by CFA China, is an annual global competition for university finance students on CFA-recognised programmes. It provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis.

The CFA Institute is a global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

Seven universities, including XJTLU, were selected for the Shanghai Society competition (winners will be qualifying for the Asia region competition), which was held at the Thomson Reuters Shanghai Office

Tiger Chen, Principal Advisor of CFA China, welcomed participants. He said: "You are the future of China's financial market. We want to show your quality, ability and skills to the world through this competition.

“The financial market is going through a very challenging time. There is still lack of professional market monitoring, business moral and understanding of the Chinese financial market.

"You will be representing CFA China in the Asian and Global Finals held in Chicago in April 2016. I sincerely wish all of you great success.”

This year, candidates will work in teams to research and analyse a publicly traded company. An external finance industry mentor will be allocated to each team to provide professional expertise and support.

Sean Finucane, associate professor in finance, will supervise the IBSS team. They will discuss the topic and work together with their mentor in the coming two months to prepare for the China region competition.

He said: “We selected five from 21 of my students at IBSS based on merits. XJTLU can participate in this competition because our MSc Investment Management programme is officially “recognised” by the CFA Institute.

“Students will participate in this competition as part of their Additional Learning Activities, which is an important component of masters programmes at IBSS.

“These five students will have the opportunity to experience the best practices in researching and reporting, gain hands-on practical experience and network with students of similar interests worldwide.”

15 Oct 2015