Larger MRes student number kicked start the second year of MRes programme


The Department held a welcoming reception for the new second cohort of MRes students on the 11th September 2015. The programme has seen an almost doubling of student number from 4 to 7 thanks to the collective efforts from all who have involved in the recruitment. We are also pleased to see the diversity of student background with overall 50% international student coming from all over the place, which may signal that we are gradually improving our presence in the international map of graduate studies.

Students were all excited to face the new challenge and they appeared very happy to have the opportunity to mingle with staff and other postgraduate students in the reception. When asked why they come to Suzhou, especially XJTLU for their study, Adel and Ruba (from Kazakhstan and Syria) both agreed that a combination of Chinese culture with western style teaching and great facilities attracted them here. While Yimei and Xuming (both from China) thought that facilities and the 'openness' of teaching that XJTLU offered were the main reasons.

Also invited to the reception was Mr Siyuan Yang, a newly graduated student from our own department who was lucky enough to obtain full RDF scholarship to study for a PhD degree in computational chemistry with Dr. Lifeng Ding. Siyuan was especially keen to share his XJTLU experience with the new students.

The week after the reception was the Chinese Mid-Autumn (moon) Festival, the new students, (especially the international students) already had plans to experience for the first time a traditional Chinese festival. The author heard dumplings and mooncakes, what a great start to a new semester!


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