IBSS students visit Rogers Suzhou to study corporate social responsibility

15 Dec 2015

As a live case study on corporate social responsibility and sustainability, 30 undergraduate students from International Business School Suzhou, under the leadership of Dr Juelin Yin, CSR module leader, visited Rogers Technologies Co. Ltd. in Suzhou Industrial Park on 18 November. The group was met by Flora Zhang, Learning and Communication Supervisor for Rogers Asia.

“Integrating live cases into the classroom is a very valuable experiential learning experience that is highly valued by IBSS,” Dr Yin said.

“I introduced how businesses can contribute to community responsibility. This company visit definitely helps the students understand how to apply CSR theories from the textbook to real cases close to them.”

Ms Zhang gave the students a brief introduction to the company focussing particularly on how the company sets its core values around CSR, safety, innovation and respect.

Following on from the brief introduction, the IBSS team went through an ‘ice-breaking’ activity under the guidance of Ms Zhang, who then gave a detailed introduction of the company’s CSR vision and policies as well as recent developments.

At the end of the company visit, managers from Rogers spoke with students about a real management problem within the company - how to better serve the community through innovative solutions. Students worked in six groups to brainstorm new ideas to improve Rogers’ CSR activities in the upcoming year. The company visit ended with Ms Zhang’s summary of the day’s live case study and suggestions for students to apply what they learnt to real-life scenarios.

Rogers is one of the world’s technology leaders in innovative solutions for power electronics, advanced foams for cushioning and protective sealing, and high-frequency printed circuit materials, and has a company history of over 180 years. Headquartered in Rogers, Connecticut, USA, the company serves customers and partners around the globe, and manufactures products in the USA, China, Japan, Korea, Germany, Hungary and Belgium.

15 Dec 2015