Mock interview session for operations and supply chain management students

December 15, 2015

A mock interview session for students on the MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management students, and who are graduating in March 2016, took place.

Organised by the IBSS Career Services Team, the session covered the whole interview process, "from handshake to saying goodbye". It was recorded so students were able to review themselves, and their performances, on camera.

Interview skills are important to not only working professionals but also to students who are going to be joining the workforce. IBSS provides ongoing support to students to help ready them for competitive job markets when graduating.

"Students need to learn how to present and express themselves well at job interviews. Most of us get nervous when being interviewed so it's important to know how to deal with a difficult question and how to present a point clearly. We are helping students to learn and practice their interview skills as well as demonstrate to employers that our students are of high quality," said Professor Hossam Ismail, Programme Director of MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Marko Dimitrijevic, Director of Global Sourcing at LNS (China) was invited to act as the interviewer. He said: "Every student went through two rounds of interviews with mock job objectives and their dream companies. All students are very smart and well educated and I am sure they will find suitable placements."

Current operations and supply chain management student Valeria Wang said the interviewer gave useful tips according to everyone's needs: "Mr. Dimitrijevic analysed my answers to his questions in detail and explained what I should be focussing on when answering questions in real-life situation," she said.

"We also had the opportunity to sit in and listen to other peers' interviews. This allowed me to experience the interview as an observer. All of us were a little nervous in the first round but opened up and became more relaxed in the second round."

December 15, 2015