Training in 21st century core skills for nearly 100 educators

31 Dec 2015

A training programme entitled 'Curriculum Development Towards Internationalisation' was held in Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, jointly conducted by XJTLU and the British Council. 85 teachers from 57 educational institutions across China were engaged in it. The theme of the programme was core skills training for teachers and school leaders, seen as the keys to success in the 21st century.

The training program consisted of four sessions: 'Introduction to Core Skills for Teachers'; 'Introduction to Creativity and Imagination'; 'Creativity and Imagination in the Classroom'; and 'Understanding Creativity - Being Creative in Life and Work'.

The aim of the training program was to explore six self-development skills, using a localised setting and international experience for reference, and to analyse the practical application of different teaching approaches and activities. The programme served as part of XJTLU's continuing aim to promote institutions to cultivate innovative talent, and consequently, to lead education towards internationalisation and to foster international talents in 21st century.

Executive President of XJTLU, Professor Youmin Xi, validated trainer of the British Council Mr Peter Hall-Jones, Vice President of China Society for Musical Studies, Mr Carl McCarthy, the founder of Theatre Noir Foundation Hong Kong Xunqian Ye and senior executiveof the British Embassy Yandan Wang all attended the training.

Giving her observations and insights into Chinese education problems, Ms Yandan Wang said, “Individuals should possess six core self-development skills in the 21st century, which are critical thinking, imagination, citizenship, communicative skills, digital literacy and leadership skills."

Professor Xi offered his perspective that in the upcoming future students should be required to be global citizens possessing global mindsets, entrepreneurial capacityand cross-cultural leadership skills. “Certification alone cannot guarantee that students will have bright futures, whereas positive attitudes, noble behaviour and comprehensive capabilities are the tools needed to win", he added.

During the three-day training programme a great variety of activities were conducted to inspire trainees to spark creative ideas and bring these into the teaching process.

Trainers Peter Hall-Jones and Carl McCarthy illustrated six core skills to trainees and highlighted the skills of innovation and imagination. They led various activities to encourage trainees, grouped in teams, to cooperate, think, discuss and express their ideas. For example, Director Xunqian Ye lead trainees to perform scenes from Shakespeare's plays.

31 Dec 2015