High school deans from Guangdong visit XJTLU

November 15, 2016

A delegation of high school deans from Zhongshan city in China’s Guangdong province visited Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University to find out more about the University’s autonomous admission policy and to meet current students from the province.

Autonomous admission is a form of direct admission to the University and has been available to students applying from Guangdong province since 2013.

Whereas in normal circumstances student are admitted to XJTLU on the strength of their Gaokao college entrance examination results alone, the direct admission approach allows students to submit an application that takes into consideration their Gaokao score (worth 60 percent of their overall admissions mark), the results of an evaluation carried out by XJTLU (worth 30 percent) and their year three high school marks (worth 10 percent).

Zhongshan city is one of the major cities in Guangdong from which XJTLU recruits students.

The delegation, which was led by the Guangdong Zhongshan Centre of Education, Admissions and Examinations, saw presentations from key staff at the University as well as met with current XJTLU students from Guangdong.

Second year economics and finance student Ziqi Ou, who graduated from Zhongshan Number One High School, gave a presentation to the delegation and spoke about her study experiences, life on campus and overseas exchange opportunities at XJTLU.

Talking about why she chose XJTLU two years ago, she said: “My wish to experience an international living and study environment can be tracked back to high school, but my family were worried about sending me abroad at such an early age as they were concerned about whether I could take care of myself and can keep up with my studies. They suggested that I consider a Sino-foreign cooperative university and after researching my options, I felt XJTLU suited me best.”

Yong Yao, dean of Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Secondary School in Zhongshan, talked about how they share information on Sino-foreign universities with their students during the Gaokao admissions period: “In April, we’ll invite Sino-foreign cooperative universities to our school to give presentations to our students and provide opportunities for students and parents to know more about this type of university and their recruitment policies.”

Qijian Xie, director of XJTLU’s Student Admissions and Career Development Office, emphasised the importance of organising recruitment events in Zhongshan and other major cities in Guangdong.

He said: “The general quality of students from Guangdong is very impressive and we do hope there will be more of them applying to XJTLU in the future.”

He added that he hoped to enhance communication between XJTLU and high school students in Guangdong.

After the meeting, the delegation visited the XJTLU campus and had more in-depth discussions with students from Guangdong.

November 15, 2016