XJTLU receives over 5 million renminbi from NSFC

27 Sep 2017

The National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) released the final results of its 2017 funding list yesterday with Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) receiving over 5 million RMB, the greatest amount in the University's history.

XJTLU will receive funding for 13 research projects during the 2017 application term, with one listed under "Key Programmes", three under "General Programmes", five under "Young Scientists Fund" and four under "International Young Scientists Fund" according to the NSFC's categories.

The XJTLU researchers who received these funds are all experienced in teaching and research and graduated from renowned universities across the world. Their projects cover various research fields including internet of things, environmental science, economy and finance, management science, and other global cutting-edge topics.

In addition, XJTLU is also receiving funding for a research project from the National Social Science Fund. 11 other projects are receiving funding from the Jiangsu Science and Technology Programme, Jiangsu University Natural Science Research Programme, Suzhou Science and Technology Programme, and the Suzhou Social Science Fund.

"These new research grants show that our University is building on previous years' work in terms of research quality and variety of areas covered," said Professor Eng Gee Lim, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, XJTLU.

27 Sep 2017